2015-2016 Ski Movie Trailers

It’s almost that time of year!! There’s one thing that has to happen for ski season begins and it’s the release of this seasons’ ski movie. Actually, two things have to happen, the movies have to be released, but before that, the trailers for those movies have to be released. We talked about this year’s trailers on a recent episode of the podcast, but this page is going to be a living document where we continue to add new trailers as they’re released. Please visit often and enjoy!

************ Updated 9/22 ***************

yes, it’s been a few weeks since we updated our list of trailers, but we’ve got some good ones, don’tchaknow!

We Ride In Iran: Salam Azizam teaser

February 2015, a bunch of swiss riders from the project “We ride in Iran” are traveling to Iran to meet their friend Sina Shamyani. Sina is a ski instructor from Tehran living his passion: skiing. Salam Azizam follows Sina and his iranian friends during a road trip around Iran. The movie, that will be online in November 2015, brings you inside the ski freeride community in a country full of contrasts. Living for skiing is universal.

We Ride In Iran: Salam Azizam teaser from Cause on Vimeo.

TRAILER: Whistler: 50 Years of Going Beyong (whistlerblackcomb.com)

For the last five decades, Whistler Blackcomb has left its mark on those who are drawn to the mountains. What started as a single Olympic dream in 1966 has evolved into the largest ski resort in North America, with a slew of accomplishments to back it up. From the resort’s adventure-seeking founders to its freestyle heydays-and breaking Guinness World Records along the way-snowsport industry legends recount the contributions that Whistler Blackcomb has made to skiing and snowboarding and the significance of its golden anniversary. But while 50 Years of Going Beyond solidifies the resort’s legacy in the past, there is no denying that the last 50 years is just the beginning.

TRAILER: We Trust Your Judgement

“We Trust Your Judgment is a filmmaker’s perspective reflecting the simple joys and hard work found in the process of creating a ski film.”

************ Updated 8/28 ***************

Warren Miller’s Chasing Shadows Official Trailer

“For the fall of 2015, Warren Miller Entertainment releases Chasing Shadows, the 66th annual winter sports film. Warren Miller once said, “A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom,” and this year, we’re chasing the world’s biggest names in skiing and snowboarding as they find that very freedom. Explore what it means to be inspired, and what it is about exotic locations and snow-covered summits that keep us searching for more. As skiers and snowboarders we chase a feeling, a memory, a storm, a turn — we’ve been chasing it our whole lives and we’ll keep chasing it a lifetime more.” – warrenmiller.com

Kyle Peterson’s “In Search”

“In Search” is a short film covering a skier seeking adventures into deep backcountry zones on skis and showcasing a fun and innovative approach to riding all aspects of the mountain. From ski-touring technical pillow lines, to hitting tricky natural hits, to free riding deep spine lines and spending cold nights camped out in pursuit of remote peaks. This project will take a look into the all around progression of freeriding all types of backcountry terrain.”- Inspired Media

Teton Gravity Research – Paradies Waits

“For those who anticipate winter’s arrival with frothing mouths and the dreams of what may come,this past year came with an unfamiliar set of struggles as these perfect moments became more and more elusive. But for the TGR team, this only hardened their pursuit of winter’s rewards.” tetongravity.com

Legs of Steel – The Passenger

Superproof – The Masquerade

THE MASQUERADE [2015] – Trailer #1 from SUPER PROOF on Vimeo.

4Frnt – Sharing Skiing

“The magic feet, the long shoes, the slippery sticks we manufacture then bolt, strap and heli-coil ourselves onto. These are the peacemakers of humanity and mother nature. Without them, we have limitations, with them, we have none. Newcomer urban skier Cam Riley joins the likes of Kye Petersen, Wiley Miller, David Wise, Eric Hjorleifson and Thayne Rich in 4FRNT’s 5th annual feature team film, Shaping Skiing.” 4frnt.com

Shaping Skiing Trailer from 4FRNT Skis on Vimeo.

The Bunch – Finito

The Bunch – FINITO° early trailer from The Bunch on Vimeo.

Warren Miller – Chasing Shadows

No trailer yet, but…
UPDATE – 8/12

Sneak Peak U.S. Freestyle Ski Team

tour dates have been posted


“Overwhelmed with the hyper-connectivity of the modern world, a group of friends embark on a journey to Japan in search of powder snow and good times – a quest to find and experience the ever-fabled ‘moment’.” reelhouse.org

Swatch Degrees North – North Face

“In March, Xavier de le Rue and Samuel Anthamatten travelled to Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, situated halfway between continental Norway and the North Pole to film the next mission, ‘Degrees North’. The idea was for Xavier and Samuel to use paramotors to access and ride incredible lines, never before ridden in the remote locations of the Atomfjiella region in Svalbard. Second part of the movie will be filmed this winter and will see Ralph Backstrom joining the crew, to discover a new zone in Alaska.” timelinemissions.com

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