Podcast #203Adults Behaving Poorly Apr 4 2020

As Covid-19 rages on, we’re starting to see the trickle down effects of the economic shutdown in the ski & snowboard industry. It’s not just the resorts, but all the other people who depend on the resorts that are now being affected. We chat with our new friend Brian Finch, a physical therapist and strength trainer living in Killington, VT, on what it’s like in a ski town during the shutdown and how we can do our part to help.

Episode 202 - Epic Fail

Podcast #202Epic Fail
Mar 28 2020

We’re back with our buddy Nick from Seattle to talk about corona virus, quarantine and what one Epic Pass holder thinks about how Vail Resorts is treating its customers in this unprecedented situation.

episode 201 - covid-19 skis in jeans

Podcast #201Covid-19 Skis in Jeans
Mar 19 2020

Not sure if you’ve heard, but this covid-19 corona virus is becoming a big deal. We tried to deny it and fight it, but it’s here. It’s so bad, it’s prematurely ended the 2019-20 ski and snowboard season, shuttered all sporting events and disrupted the lives of almost everyone in the world. It shan’t disrupt the podcast and we’ve got our friend Hunter Roberts (@hunterthesnowdad) back on the show. We’re going to talk about how this affected us and what we can do to stay sane in these trying times

Episode 200 - skibumpodcast.com

Podcast #200Number 200
Mar 9 2020

This is big one, #200! Can you believe it? We’ve reunited the band – Brian, Mario and Steve for a recap of where we’re been in the 5 years since we started this adventure and where we intend to go.

Podcast #199Ellicottville Wrap-up
Feb 29 2020

This is the third and final installment of the “Car Chronicles,” where Brian and Rich from All About Après recap their amazing trip to Western New York. We chat about late night in Ellicotville, NY, skiing at Holimont, a private ski club and re-recap our whole trip and all the great folks we met.

Podcast #198The Wall
Feb 22 2020

Ellicottville has been called “the Aspen of the East.” Frankly, I find that embarrassing for Ellicottville, which is way more chill, real and fun than the elitist, douche-rocket utopia that is Aspen. Want to hear about it? Join us for Part 2 of the recap as Brian and our buddy Rich, from All About Après, recap their trip to Holiday Valley and Ellicottville, New York.

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