Podcast #182Make It Snow Oct 11 2019

Last time we checked, no one has control over the weather. As snowsports enthusiasts, we would certainly drop the temperatures and crank up the precipitation so that we could ski and snowboard our favorite mountains all year long. The next best thing we have is man-made, snow-making technology. It’s something that’s easy to take for granted, but a lot of time and energy goes into getting that extra slippery white goodness that we need. We look at some of the constraints and capabilities that go into making sure we can maximize the number of turns we make, all winter.

epsiode 181

Podcast #181The Golden Matt
Oct 4 2019

Panic is starting to set in as Boston sports teams are stuck in a historic championship drought of almost 8 months. The good news is, we finally get to catch up with our pal Matt Pepin, Sports Editor of the Boston Globe. He is also the curator of the It’s All Downhill” newsletter that you should subscribe to more ski news, information and stories, every week during the ski season.


Podcast #180Oktoberfest
Sep 28 2019

Rumor has it, Oktoberfest was started 186 years ago by King Ludwig as a celebration of the end of summer and a welcoming of the beginning of ski season. As excited as Mad King Ludwig, it pales in comparison to Mario’s excitement this year. Not only does he have some epic ski trips already planned, he’s about to head out to Germany and attend the final weekend of Oktoberfest! It’s not his first time, so he’s got some tips and advice for those looking to celebrate.

Podcast #179Meet and Greet
Sep 21 2019

The snow continues to fall all around the Northern Hemisphere and everyone is itching to get their boots on and get on the mountain. Patience, our friends, there’s still a little time before we all go wooshing down the mountain. There is planning, conversations and schmoozing to be completed. We talk about the ski.com event last week in NYC and the other events we have coming up in the weeks.

Podcast #178Build and Cleanse
Sep 10 2019

It’s our first podcast after the big Labor Day weekend! If you followed us on Instagram, you would’ve seen that Brian was busy building a dope ass Adirondack chair made out of skis (as well as a shot ski). What you may not have known, was that Brian also went on a 3-day cleanse after the Labor Day weekend because of all the margaritas, pizza and ice cream pizza (yes, it’s a thing) that he ate. Want to know more? Listen to this week’s epsiode, which is all about Brian!

Podcast #177Summer Snowflakes
Aug 30 2019

Summer is wrapping up and we chat about what’s ahead for us this ski season as Mario hunkers down for hurricane. The Farmer’s Almanac is calling for a “Polar Coaster” winter and our beloved Zermatt goes on the Ikon Pass. Take a listen and celebrate the end of summer with your pals!

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