Podcast #158CannabiSki Apr 18 2019

We talk a lot about cannabis on the show (I mean, we have a whole Gonjola section, every week). It’s almost April 20th, pretty much Christmas for cannabis enthusiasts, but do you know why 420 has become synonymous with cannabis? How about why cannabis is illegal in the first place? Why does a skiing podcast care so much? All these questions and more will be answered when you check out this week’s episode.

Podcast #157Moguls Fo’ Sho’guls

Apr 12 2019

We don’t want to say it, but we’re all aware that the end of the ski and snowboard season is approaching. The bums aren’t ready to hang their skis up yet, so last weekend we went up to Killington to check out the Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge. Part serious amateur mogul competition, part serious party atmosphere. We had a great time and want to tell you all about it.

Podcast #156Alba Adventures

Mar 29 2019

This week we chat with Alicia and Ray from Alba Adventures, a family that creates short films about their on-snow (and off-snow) adventures. Their motto is “A Family That Skis Together Stays Together,” and you can see, hear and feel that in the work created by these award-winning filmmakers. We had a wonderful conversation with them and hope you enjoy it!

The view of Killington Mountain Resort from the Highline trail with skis

Podcast #155Home Sweet Home

Mar 22 2019

“There’s no place like home,” as the old saying goes. Then again those same people also say “you can’t go home again.” When it comes to skiing and snowboarding these both hold true for our home mountain, Killington, Vermont. Travel and experience can give you perspective and after partaking in the former and acquiring the latter, we still love our home mountain and give you some thoughts and tips to help you enjoy it as well.

Podcast #154St. Patski

Mar 15 2019

It’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend! That can mean very different things to us skiers and snowboarders depending on the snowpack. This year it’s safe to say most of North America will be able to grab some green beer and plenty of sweet turns. We discuss 5 St. Patrick’s Day festivals around the country that are worth checking out from our buddy Rich at All About Apres.

Dr. Momo gonna scope dat knee

Podcast #153Tweaked

Mar 9 2019

Skiing and snowboarding are tough sports. You can crash into trees, fall off cliffs or just tweak something popping through sweet bumps on a powder day. Injuries happen and unfortunatley it happened to our buddy Nick who’s drops by the podcast to tell us how his rehab is going and what we can do to prevent it from happening next time.

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