Podcast #166Overdose Jun 14 2019

It’s been over a year since Mario and Brian were together in the same room recording a podcast together. It was no simple feat. Mario had to overcome weather delays, airport drama and a slow train that had police activity due to a drug overdose. None of that could stop him and we were able to hang out and record a podcast before Mario started his NYC mini-vacation.

episode 165 - kickstarter

Podcast #165Kickstarter

Jun 7 2019

Some people are born wealthy, some people are born connected and some people are born both. Most of us need to grind our way to the top. Good thing there’s services like Kickstarter to help folks with great ideas raise money and connect to new customers. We take a look at some of the cool ski-related (and other) projects that are going on right now.

Epsiode 164 - Beautiful Brains

Podcast #164Beautiful Brains

Jun 1 2019

If you listened to the last two episodes of the podcast, you may be convinced that both Brian and Mario suffer from some sort of brain damage. We cannot completly disagree with your assessment. CTE was big on a lot of radars after a great movie with Will Smith, but the issue doesn’t go away after the box office sales go away. Every sport all the time, it’s still an issue. We share some information we’ve found to help you avoid damaging your beautiful brains.

Podcast #163What The Frank? – Part 2

May 24 2019

If you missed part 1, you’ll want to check out episode 162. You listened and you’re still back for more? God bless ya, you’re one of us! I’m not sure if I’d say this episode is ‘art’ in the purest sense of the word, but there is something beautiful about it. In the same way two vintage Ferraris crashed into each other is also beautiful. Take a listen and you’ll see what we mean.

Podcast #162What The Frank?

May 21 2019

As the season winds down we chat with one of the OG pioneers of the podcast. You know him (and love him) from the bean of he week, our pal, Frank.

Podcast #161Planting

May 10 2019

Every great farmers knows that a bountiful harvest begins with careful preparation. The most critical step in that preparation is planting of seeds. We are metaphorical farmers planning for the methaphorical planting of our ski seeds. Join us on our journey.

Episode 160 - Skialis

Podcast #160Skialis

May 3 2019

As the ski and snowboard season winds down, many of us are starting to battle with seasonal depression. Yes, the plebs say you get that in the winter, but we’re different. After seeing all our precious, glorious snow melt away we need to find a way to go on and make it to next season. We’re here to help, but first jump in your bathtub and pop a Skialis!

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