Podcast #190Big Snow Dec 6 2019

The idea of indoor skiing in New Jersey has been alive since 2004 when ground broke on what was then called Xanadu and has finally manifested into what is now American Dream. More specifically Big Snow, the first indoor ski resort in North America is no longer a dream, as of December 5, 2019, it is open for business. We were fortunate enough to be there for opening day with our friend (and original podcast member) Steve, to tell you all about it.

Podcast #189First Chair Travel
Nov 27 2019

Skiing and snowboarding are awesome. Traveling to go ski and snowboard is awesome. Planning travel sucks. How do you get there, where should you stay, is there a good shop to demo skis and boards? It’s enough to make one not want to travel at all (well, almost). Wouldn’t it be great if there was a company that set up turn-key trips to amazing ski/snowboard destinations? We chat w/ Mike from First Chair Travel Co. who does exactly that. They even have a sweet trip to Banff, Alberta planned for March 7-14th 2020 that you can still jump on.

Podcast #188Boston
Nov 23 2019

It’s always a big event when the Ski and Snowboard Expo rolls into Boston. This was our second year attending and it did not disappoint. We got to meet up with some of our old friends, but also made some new friends. This week we recap our trip, which has become our new favorite way to kickoff the ski and snowboard season.

Podcast #187Snowphie’s Choice
Nov 14 2019

You may think you have a cool job, but is one of your job requirements to make sure you ski at all the resorts in your state? If not, you might want to update your resume. This week, we interviewed Anelise Bergin, Director of Communications at Ski Utah. We had a great conversation, but she had trouble picking a favorite place to ski in Utah. With all that great snow and terrain, it truly is Snowphie’s Choice.

Podcast #186Leaving Brooklyn
Nov 8 2019

We’ve all had that dream. You know, the one where you actually play the hero in the movie that is your life and make that bold choice to leave your job and your commute and move to the mountains. While most of us just wake up and plug back into the Matrix, some people actually follow their dream. On this week’s podcast we talk to one of those people, our new friend, Hunter Roberts who’s packing up his family, leaving Brooklyn and moving out to Squaw Valley.

Podcast #185Till I Die
Nov 1 2019

Doing this podcast has allowed us to meet some very cool people in the ski and snowboard industry. Recently, Brian met Ryan from Till I Die and now we have another awesome person to add to that list. He was so cool, he even took the time to join us for an interview. If you want to hear a tale of ups, downs and backflips then you’ll enjoy our chat with Ryan.

Episode 184 - Alba Adventures

Podcast #184Alba Adventures
Oct 26 2019

“A family that skis together, stays together.” That’s the motto of our guests these weeks, our friends Ray, Alicia, Sandro and Nevada from Alba Adventures. They ski all winter, travel all summer and document their adventures for all of us to enjoy. It’s the family you wish you were part of when you were growing up. They’ve been traveling the film festival circuit, but found some time to chat with us. We think you’ll enjoy it.

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