Podcast #209Til I Get Stoked May 20 2020

What would you tell a younger version of yourself if you could? We don’t currently have that option, but we do have a friend, Mike, from Get Stoked Productions and Till I Die. He’s only a college sophomore, but he’s skiing, biking and hustling to create the life a lot of us sellouts can only dream about. We chat with him, give him terrible advice and hear about who he’s working with and what he’s working on.

the sanitzer - episode 208

Podcast #208The Sanitizer
May 11 2020

Life under quarantine has been rough for us skiers and snowboarders, who would much rather be out on the slopes. Some folks are finding ways to stop feeling sorry for themselves and finding ways to help others. One of those people, is our buddy Steve who helped his company pivot to making hand sanitizers to help hospitals and essential workers.

Podcast #207Aero Ski Bum
May 6 2020

The end to this ski season was so abrupt, it left almost all skiers yearning for more. Now with covid-19 still running rampant, what is a skier to do to fill the void? Enter the Aero Ski – the low impact, full-body cardio workout that’s just like skiing. Brian picked one of these up and has put together his first impressions about using this new device.

brian and mario in Ischgl - Ep. 206

Podcast #206Post-Apocalptic Skiing
Apr 27 2020

What will the world look like after Coronavirus? What will it be like to ski in great places? We imagine what it will be like if we were to go to some of our favorite ski areas after the ski areas re-open.

High Falutin Ski Bums Episode 205 - Skimagine

Podcast #205Skimagine
Apr 19 2020

Since @galgadot sang #Imagine and pretty much ended #covid19, your pals Brian and Mario have decided to do our own rendition called “Skimagine.” Well, not exactly.

Life in quarantine is becoming the new normal. What are you doing with your time? Learning a new skill, binging Netflix, starting a podcast? Things will return to normal, so hopefully you’re preparing for that. Find out what we’re up to until we can finally get back on the slopes.

Episode 204 - SkiBuds

Podcast #204SkiBuds
Apr 11 2020

Episode 204 and we’re looking at a great way to connect with other ski minded people through the use of the Skibuds app. Today we chat with Stephen as we ask questions on how he got started, coding the app, and the many uses for ski people, ride sharing, and hanging out in your favorite ski and non-ski towns. With all the new social distancing, this app may allow you to connect with new friends without circulating in large crowds. Shall we call it social-selectivity?

Adults Behaving Poorly - skibumpodcast.com

Podcast #203Adults Behaving Poorly
Apr 4 2020

As Covid-19 rages on, we’re starting to see the trickle down effects of the economic shutdown in the ski & snowboard industry. It’s not just the resorts, but all the other people who depend on the resorts that are now being affected. We chat with our new friend Brian Finch, a physical therapist and strength trainer living in Killington, VT, on what it’s like in a ski town during the shutdown and how we can do our part to help.

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