UTR #9Love Finds a Way Jul 9 2021

New Under the Ropes #podcast is live – a cannabis pizzeria in NYC with 400mg dinner and former cop arrested for doing cocaine off naked Playboy model team up on #OnlyFans.

episode 250 - full send summer | skibumpodcast.com

Podcast #250Full Send Summer
Jun 29 2021

We chat with our friend Ryan from Till I Die based in Killington, VT. He tells about his crazy covid year and his Full Send Summer festival going down July 10th in Astoria, Queens, NYC. We also smell a few candles.

high falutin ski bums episode 249

Podcast #249Climate Collaborators
Jun 19 2021

We spitball some ideas on climate change ideas alongside Climate Collaborative Charter. Also @killingtonmtn announces return of @FIS Killington Cup, @IndySkiPass to unveil 2 additional resorts and Jeff Bezos Eats the Great Works of Art in Space.

under the ropes 8 - making love without a mask

UTR #8Making Love Without a Mask
Jun 9 2021

New Under the Ropes #podcast is live – alcohol makes you dumb, man won’t make love without a mask, hell hath no fury like a divorced woman trying to get her yacht and Putin keeps lighting the lamp.

high falutin ski bums episode 248 - paradise

Podcast #248Paradise
May 29 2021

Could you imagine starting a company the year of COVID? What about a ski company in Canada without the pleasure of Americans? Well these folks did it – meet Adam, Cam and Becky from Paradise Skis out of Calgary, AB, Canada. They’ve got a great origin story and we’re happy to share it with you!

sweet poo powder

Podcast #247Sweet Poo Powder
May 19 2021

Here’s a story that caught a lot of people’s attention. The folks at high falutin Yellowstone Club have decided they’re going to start making snow out of sewage…interesting. Headlines are great and grabbing attention, but what exactly is going on here. We take a closer look.

tour de bums

Podcast #246Tour de Bums
May 4 2021

It’s that time of year, where a skier must look in the mirror and figure out what to do once those skis get put away for the season. Mario and Brian come to grips and discuss their summer plans which involve biking and more biking.

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