podcast 281

Podcast #281Ski the Metaverse
Jun 11 2022

Ski season is wrapping up in the meatspace. Well, maybe you haven’t thought about it yet, but have you ever considered skiing in the Metaverse?

podcast 280 - skiflation

Podcast #280Skiflation
May 19 2022

Have you noticed that things are more expensive than they were a year ago, two years ago? I know we have, we can barely afford to fuel our yacht. Ski season may be winding down, but we already look to how inflation could affect things next season.

podcast 279

Podcast #279The End
May 3 2022

We’re entering the dreaded “almost ski season” time of year, but we are staying positive. This season has been particularly tough on us and now Brian is recovering from covid and Mario is having some work done, so we may be taking a bit of a break.

Podcast 278 - Ben Ruhl

Podcast #278Ben Ruhl
Apr 12 2022

We chat with our new friend Ben Ruhl about his experience as a ski instructor at Gunstock and we help him get an “A” in his “Human Dimensions of Natural Environments” class.

episode 277

Podcast #277Winding Down
Apr 4 2022

The ski and snowboard season is winding down, but there are still plenty to talk about.

podcast 276 - MariOgden

Podcast #276MariOgden
Mar 28 2022

Mario is back from his trip to Ogden, Utah where he skied Snowbasin and gives us the lowdown on Eden and Ogden areas.

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