Podcast #174Start ’em Young Aug 16 2019

Sure it’s the middle of August and we’re all trying to keep from melting, but did you know the next solstice is the winter solstice? Believe the hype, it is true. While most people are shopping for pencils and Trapper Keepers for back to school, you should be thinking about you’re kids and when are you going to get them skiing or snowboarding! Don’t worry, we’ve got some articles and thoughts to help you get ready!

Episode 173

Podcast #173We Bought a Ski Resort

Aug 5 2019

Haven’t we all dreamed of owning our ski resort? We certainly have and now, low-and-behold, Soldier Mountain in beautiful Fairfield, ID, is on the market. Did you know that Bruce Willis was once the owner? Yipee-ka-yeh-mothafucka. Does it get sweet dumps, yes, then why are the current owners selling? Could be gambling debts, could be they’d rather just move Arizona and phone it in…who knows? We’re going to discuss what it would take to actually buy these glorious beast and what it would take to turn her into a winner.

Episode 172

Podcast #172Return of the Frank – Part 2

Aug 1 2019

Part 2 of our conversation with our pal, Frank. We discuss the most recent acquisition by Vail Resorts, purchasing Peak Resorts. We discuss the pros and cons and how it will affect skiers and snowboarders.

High Falutin Ski Bums - 171

Podcast #171Return of the Frank

Jul 28 2019

It’s the end of July. As skiers and snowboarders, we’re all starting to get a little sick of this hot and humid weather. What are skiers and boarders to do in such times? We talk or our buddy Frank about skiing and whatever other madness manifests when we get together.

Podcast #170Euro

Jul 22 2019

It’s almost ski season, so what are two ski bums to do? Travel, of course. Even though there is no snow, we both went to countries that are well known skiing and snowboarding hotbeds, Italy and Norway. Now we are back home to discuss.

episode 169 - we the podcast

Podcast #169We the Podcast

Jul 2 2019

Freedom, fireworks, independence, bbqs…these are all things people think about when they think of the 4th of July. While all those things are wonderful, your pals are also thinking about skiing. We take a look at where you can still ski or snowboard this 4th of July weekend.

Podcast #168Almost Ski Season Time – Part 2

Jun 26 2019

Ahhhhhhh, AlmostSkiSeason, time to kick back and unwind. Our opinions of summer have changed over time, from dread, to embracing what is possible and how to better prepare for ski season. We thought we were going to have nothign to talk about, but this ended up turning into an epic think tank podcast episode. So much so, we had to break it into two part. Here’s the first part, we hope you enjoy it!

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