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What is this?

It’s a one-hour(plus) weekly podcast starring Mario and Brian.  Our goal is to live the ski bum dream, but unfortunately, life happens so we squeeze in as much as we can, which is never enough since we live in New Jersey.

Wait, a ski podcast from New Jersey?

You got a problem with that? It’s not just a skiing podcast. We will obviously discuss skiing, but we’re not going to speak in-depthly about binding technology of the 1970s. No, it’s more about lifestyle, current events, trip reviews, alcohol reviews, etc. We’re good skiers who dream of living the ski bum life, but are corporate sellouts and are now in our 30s and 40s with families and obligations.

Why are you doing this?

We were doing a “ski bum week” up in Killington, VT and one morning the three of us spent about 3 hours just talking about  skiing and current events and realized that was a great conversation, we should do this more often. It would be even better if it wasn’t 3 hours that the lifts weren’t spinning. Why don’t we do it as a podcast and maybe others might enjoy it as well?

We occasionally have guests who contribute interesting ski-related tidbits.

What are we drinking?

An important question! Every week we’ll have something different. We’ll try to keep it topical to what we’re discussing, but there may be weeks we’re just buying what’s on sale.

How can I get in touch with you guys to sponsor the show and give you all kinds of cool products to play with?

That’s very kind of you to ask, you are awesome. You can reach out to us via any of these methods of communication.

Email – [email protected]

Twitter – @skibumpodcast

Instagram – @skibumpodcast

Facebook – Facebook

Friends of the Podcast

One thing you realize when you start a podcast is how many like-minded people are out there and we’ve been fortunate enough to connect with some of them. Here’s the list of some of our pals…

  • Born from countless hours in the car on ski trips, All About Après is all about the experience you share with family and friends on and off the mountain. We have a fun and comfortable line of clothing, focusing on our very mantra of working hard and celebrating your accomplishments with friends and family. We also strive to provide our readers with fun places to play and things to do when the lifts stop spinning for the day. Ultimately, we are fully devoted to our fondness of the outdoors and the smiles and happiness that takes place when we share those experiences with others. www.allaboutapresski.com @allaboutapres #itsalldownhillfromhere

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