Vail & Beaver Creek Review

Feb 22 2019

The place you would have grown up skiing if your parents/grandparents had tried a little harder. Growing up skiing the east coast in the pre-internet era you only knew what you knew. For me that was the Poconos and if you were lucky and one of your friends’ family had an extra spot in their […]

Help your pals, rate the podcast – here’s how

Jan 24 2017

As a small podcast operation, it’s really important for us to get people to rate and review our show. If we get these ratings, that will allow us to get additional sponsors which can lead to more opportunities and hopefully continue to improve the quality and content of the podcast. Here are the instructions on […]

2016-2017 Ski Movie Trailers

Sep 15 2016

Updated – 9/16/16 – The weather’s cooling down, the days are getting shorter and a whole slew of trailers are available to enjoy! You’ve earned this friends, so enjoy! TGR’s New Movie – Tight Loose (Coming Fall 2016) Come join us to celebrate TGR’s 21st Birthday. The tighter your show the looser you can be. […]

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