We’ve been creating content for several years now and we’re looking at taking the podcast to the next level. To do so, we need the support of our listeners and viewers. Here are a few ways you can help your pals out. Any help is greatly appreciated!


We’ve set up a Patreon account where you can help us out by becoming a Patron! If you’ve been a fan of the podcast, this is the best way to show your appreciation and help us to continue to create new and interesting content.


Do you love the podcast and want to help your pals? You are in luck, we’ve set up a PayPal account that allows you to make one-time or recurring donations to the podcast. This will help ensure that we can pay our hosting bills, allow us to advertise and build our reach which will allow us to provide more interviews, more reviews and more compelling content. Thank you so much in advance for your generous donation!

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