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2016-2017 Ski Movie Trailers

Updated – 9/16/16 – The weather’s cooling down, the days are getting shorter and a whole slew of trailers are available to enjoy!

You’ve earned this friends, so enjoy!

TGR’s New Movie – Tight Loose (Coming Fall 2016)

Come join us to celebrate TGR’s 21st Birthday. The tighter your show the looser you can be. With over 21 years of traveling the globe and pushing the boundaries of what is possible we have experienced the full spectrum of adventure. It has been a constant evolution of refining a lifestyle – keeping things as buttoned-up on the front end in order to seize the moment when things reach the edge of control. Our latest film “Tight Loose” is TGR’s highest achievement to date. From India to Alaska, come join us as we discover unridden spine walls, massive airs, and full throttle riding in some of the wildest and most spectacular places on earth. Witness the 21-year athlete roster as they come together for a reunion-style massive group shred of the Palisades at Squaw Valley. Tight Loose is living to the fullest!


Matchstick Productions – “Ruin and Rose” trailer

RUIN AND ROSE Official Trailer – 4K from mspfilms on Vimeo.

Acclaimed writer/director Ben Sturgulewski joins the award-winning team at Matchstick Productions and their two decades of filmmaking expertise to deliver “RUIN AND ROSE,” an epic creative vision brought to life by the talents of the world’s top skiers. Winter landscapes across the planet contrast seamlessly with a thoroughly-crafted story of environmental apocalypse, shot entirely within the incredible expanses of Africa’s otherworldly Skeleton Coast. Unlike anything seen before, the dreamlike setting of this film sparks the imagination of not only action sports enthusiasts, but anyone with a beating heart.

Presented by Under Armour in spectacular 4K resolution, “RUIN AND ROSE” features veterans and newcomers alike, including Mark Abma, Sammy Carlson, Markus Eder, Zack Giffin, Sander Hadley, Russ Henshaw, Eric Hjorleifson, Lukas Joas, Sean Jordan, Bene Mayr, Evan McEachran, Michelle Parker, Ole Pavel, Tanner Rainville, Austin Ross, Fabio Studer, Cody Townsend, Noah Wallace, and others. “RUIN AND ROSE” was filmed on location in Alaska, Austria, British Columbia, Bulgaria, California, France, Switzerland, and the breathtaking sands of Namibia.


Warren Miller’s – “Here, There and Everywhere” Teaser

It’s been 67 years since ski-film pioneer Warren Miller picked up a camera to capture the wonder, the adventure, the humor and the beauty that is skiing. Since that time, Warren Miller film crews have traveled the globe—from storied slopes to hidden, snow-covered corners—to celebrate all things snowsports. Their quest has taken powder-hungry filmgoers, well, Here, There & Everywhere—and this year continues that legacy.

In this 67th annual Warren Miller film, take a freeski adventure with industry veterans Ingrid Backstrom and Wendy Fisher in Crested Butte, tour Eastern Greenland by dog sled with Seth Wescott and Rob Kingwill and follow Jess McMillan and Grete Eliassen on a Swiss holiday aboard the Glacier Express. Explore the backcountry of Western Montana’s Glacier Country with Tyler Ceccanti, Collin Collins and Keith Curtis and catch a powder day with Kaylin Richardson, Matt Elliott, Marcus Caston and the Kicking Horse ski patrol in British Columbia.

Travel along as Warren Miller Entertainment commemorates Stein Eriksen in Deer Valley, captures the big air at Boston’s Fenway Park (yes, that Fenway Park!) and rides the steeps of Squaw Valley to the big lines of Cordova, Alaska, plus much more. This year, don’t miss original ski bum and filmmaker Warren Miller himself in on-screen interviews as he spins tales of the past as only Warren can do, reminding us that through the years, these films have truly taken audiences Here, There & Everywhere.

Good Company: Vice Versa Official Trailer

Tom Wallisch and the Good Company crew return with their first full-length film, Vice Versa, featuring world class urban, park and backcountry skiing, all with their trademark fun style. Come along with the crew as they travel throughout the US, Japan, BC and Quebec to showcase skiing in the best way possible.

Here and Now – 4FRNT

The sixth video iteration of Utah-based ski company 4FRNT, Here and Now is the showpiece for a team that features rail wizards, big mountain line-chasers and Olympic gold medalists.

In addition to Dave Wise’s mind-boggling hip jump, 4FRNT sends it to the corners of the globe in search of gnarly terrain and innovative freestyle features.

Disclaimer: If you don’t like skiing or having fun, then this isn’t the movie for you.

Be Inspired – Inspired Media

A two-year project from two of the most creative and unorthodox minds in the sport, BE Inspired is the brainchild of Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon.

A healthy dose of skate-inspired urban skiing with a dash of backcountry air time, the movie turned heads when it made its world debut last week in Quebec City.

Add to that an original soundtrack with never-before-heard tracks from the Wu-Tang’s Raekwon and producer Walshy Fire, and this might be the most unique ski film of the year.

Tanner Hall – Ring The Alarm Teaser

Ring the Alarm’ is a 2 year movie project featuring the skiing of skiing icon Tanner Hall and friends. The movie will document Tanner in the backcountry of British Columbia and Alaska while bringing you into his unique prospective of big mountain skiing.

Pleasure – Level 1

Always givers in the visual stimulation department, Level 1 brings it this year with an all-star cast of regulars like Will Wesson, Wiley Miller and Rob Heule, as well as a cast of upstarts like Khai Krepela and Mitchell Brower.

The Level 1 contingent found the beautiful balance between quirky urban, backcountry freestyle and big-line backcountry in Japan, Alaska and various other locations around the world in one of the biggest bright spots in ski cinema this year.

Insight: Official Trailer

Snowboard films are often born of homogeneity. It makes sense; any creative endeavor needs a theme to unite the work. Insight is a multifaceted project unified by diversity, and the title is quite literal: it is a look into the individuals, locations, and crews that comprise it. The aim is to delve into the lives of those involved, exposing the particular motivations each has to strap in—be it atop a stairset, powder field or couloir.


Dedicated to the late, great Matilda Rapaport, “Between“ is a ladies centric ski film that focuses on the bonds formed in the moments between things.

Whether those things include sending big lines, traveling to foreign places, or meeting new people– these ladies explain how they each find meaning during a life spent on two planks.


"Canvas" trailer from Blank Collective on Vimeo.

Canvas is an athlete driven ski film produce by Blank Collective.
Featuring: Alexi Godbout, Stan Rey, JF Houle, Josh Daiek, Vincent Gagnier, Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Dean Bercovich, Dana Flahr and Maxim Arsenault.
Produced By: Alexi Godbout

Supervention 2

Supervention 2 is an inspiring documentary that explores the world of action sports through skiing and snowboarding. Experience the willpower and motivation it takes to conquer risk, fear and injuries. From the young and ambitious to the legends of back then, meet the athletes at the top of their sport who choose to risk everything. Supervention 2 takes you through all walks of life to experience what it’s like to leave behind normality of work and family life for the thrill of a lifetime. Filmed in unique locations with high-end 4K cinematography and innovative sound design, Supervention 2 is a feel-good adventure about those who live outside the box.

New Skis – 2016-17 Nordica Enforcer 93

When does one really need new skis? Is it ever because they broke in half or just stopped working? Almost never. Yeah, they might be a few years old, they might not have the newest sweet graphics, but do we really NEED them?

To the average person, the answer to this question is almost always “no.” Do you see what passes for rental skis these days? They could very easily double as popsicle sticks.

But we’re a different breed. We are the Hardcores. Every year at SIA, companies roll out their gear for next year and we can do nothing buy salivate and figure out if we can justify the purchase to our significant others and go yet another year without a dishwasher, so that we can pick up some new gear (for the record, it’s been 3 years now).

Last weekend, I made that purchase, thus leaving us dishwasher-less for at least another few months.


I had been saving up during the year and put some money aside with intentions of picking up a new pair of skis in December during Ski Bum Week, but as we documented, the conditions sucked during one demo day, the other demo day got cancelled and the day I decided to demo a pair of skis I got the ol’ bait and switch, doubling the price on the skis (but a valuable lesson was learned, if you can, buy your skis on a rainy day – they’ll be much more willing to negotiate). One of those skis that I got to demo on that first, crappy condition demo day was a pair of Nordica Enforcers. These skis were written up by just everyone with universal praise – the pedigree as a race ski, widened and stuffed with metal creating the perfect single-quiver ski. Yeah, I know we’ve all heard that before, but in the two runs I took with them I got the feeling they were pretty special. The ski that I was comparing with them was the also brand new Armada Invictus 95Ti, which was a pretty fun ski in its own right.

A little bit of backstory, I was currently riding on a pair of Völkl RTM 80s that I bought at the end of the 2012-2013 ski season. They were a great pair of skis and exactly what I needed at that time. Then, I was skiing on a pair of really crappy Rossis that I bought at Sports Authority in 2009 that were in desperate need of replacement, for they sucked. When they were purchased, Sport Authority’s finest was about the level of gear that was appropriate.

The Völkls were very good to me. Back then, I was skiing roughly one weekend a month, usually at Mount Snow in VT and usually sticking to the groomers. I had demoed them before buying and had used their big brother, the RTM 84s on a trip to Whistler and really enjoyed them. Being the price conscious consumer, I opted for the more frugal 80s as well as them being the recommendation of the ski shop guy based on my size. Plus, they matched my gear and we all know how important that is.

Fast forward a few years and I’ve become a pretty decent skier. Instead of only going up one weekend per month, I’m going up almost weekly now. I’ve also started to ski on a lot more varied terrain – trees, moguls and even some terrain park features, so I was looking for less of a front-side ski but more of a freeride ski.

Fatty Envy

On top of that, I also had “fatty envy.” You know, when you see fat skis and you feel inadequate with your less girthy skis. The time had finally come to upgrade. I was thinking back to my experience with the Nordica Enforcer and was thinking those are probably the skis for me. I started to look online and they were sold out everywhere, of course. Would I just go with something else, of course not, this only made me want them more. I continued to do my research and found a post of and saw that they were going to release the 2017 model at the end of January! The 100mm model would be almost identical, but there was going to be another, a 93mm! From all the reviews of folks who got their hands on prototypes, it sounds like these would be the skis for me. When I was in Telluride last year, I skied on K2 Rictors which were 90mm underfoot and had a great time with them. Like I said, I had “fatty-envy” and was originally looking to go with the 100s, but then I started to think about the terrain that I would normally be skiing, the Northeast, trees and lots of ice, so I ended up opting for the 93s.

nordi-1For starters, the skis look cool. The design is simple, they’re a blueish-gray color with orangeish-red accents and logos. The design on the shovels of each ski are a topographical map of the Austrian Alps. Having skied in Ischgl, Austria last year I found that pretty sweet.

So you demoed these skis before you bought them, right?


There are two schools of thought as to why that is – first – I’m an idiot, second I knew what I was looking for and after demoing it’s big brother, I was positive they were what I wanted and I’m a goddamn man who doesn’t dick around. I know what I want and I go for it (you can talk to my ex-girlfriend, now wife, on what’s it’s like to be my prey…go ahead, I’ll wait). I’m going with the latter.

Going For It

nordi-2To be honest, I was little nervous about how my first run on these skis would go. Would I really like them? Would they be any different than my Volkls? Did I just piss away $940 of hard-earned money? All these thoughts vaporized after making my first few turns on these works-of-art.

The first thing I noticed was how much more tail these skis had. The Volkls I was coming from had an integrated binding system which since they were designed for front-side carving had a conservative mount with minimal excess tail length. For the new Nordicas I went with the suggested binding mount, but due to the skis construction it meant more tail length for turning and pivoting on moguls and trees. The next thing I noticed was just how easy weight transfer was on these skis. Going edge-to-edge is an absolute dream. On groomed terrain it feels like the skis are doing 80% of the work for you, knowing exactly where you want them to go. You can really tell that these are based on a slalom ski the way they react and carve.

Next was taking them into the park. Now, when I say into the park, I’m not talking about half-pipes, rails and actually partaking in the features, I’m talking about going over the jumps that are there to get you on the features. These skis are stiff, but as I mentioned earlier, they have the longer tails which makes absorbing impact on landings much more pleasant.

Moguls were also a blast with these skis. The longer tails worked really well in smacking into the exiting mogul and helping to pivot around to entry on the next one. It was here where having the slightly more narrow ski was welcomed. I’m not a very good mogul skier by anyone’s estimation, but having a little less underfoot helped me out and made it a bit easier to make my turns..

nordi-3Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to ski much in the glades, save for one run on Squeeze Play. Now, SP is one of my favorite trails at Killington – it’s a long, really wide glade so you can have a different adventure every time you ski it. The one thing that really helps is having snow, which was very limited at the time. I think it was one of the first and only days it’s been open all season. I did one run and cringed as my new skis were getting knicked my various pieces of earth reaching through the snow, much like the undead skeleton arms in Army of Darkness. I don’t buy skis or cars to be garage queens, I buy them and use them for what they’re made for. If something breaks or gets messed up you get it fixed and do it again!

The only real negative is that they’re a pain in the ass to get your hands on. Where I purchased them they were already oversold based on the number of skis they received versus the number of reservations they had. I was willing to plunk money down without skiing them, so I was able to move to the front of the line and walk away with them. That’s what being a high falutin in all about.

I can’t recommend these skis more highly. They are great fun for all sorts of terrain and will make you feel like a better skier than you actually are.

2015-2016 Ski Movie Trailers

It’s almost that time of year!! There’s one thing that has to happen for ski season begins and it’s the release of this seasons’ ski movie. Actually, two things have to happen, the movies have to be released, but before that, the trailers for those movies have to be released. We talked about this year’s trailers on a recent episode of the podcast, but this page is going to be a living document where we continue to add new trailers as they’re released. Please visit often and enjoy!

************ Updated 9/22 ***************

yes, it’s been a few weeks since we updated our list of trailers, but we’ve got some good ones, don’tchaknow!

We Ride In Iran: Salam Azizam teaser

February 2015, a bunch of swiss riders from the project “We ride in Iran” are traveling to Iran to meet their friend Sina Shamyani. Sina is a ski instructor from Tehran living his passion: skiing. Salam Azizam follows Sina and his iranian friends during a road trip around Iran. The movie, that will be online in November 2015, brings you inside the ski freeride community in a country full of contrasts. Living for skiing is universal.

We Ride In Iran: Salam Azizam teaser from Cause on Vimeo.

TRAILER: Whistler: 50 Years of Going Beyong (

For the last five decades, Whistler Blackcomb has left its mark on those who are drawn to the mountains. What started as a single Olympic dream in 1966 has evolved into the largest ski resort in North America, with a slew of accomplishments to back it up. From the resort’s adventure-seeking founders to its freestyle heydays-and breaking Guinness World Records along the way-snowsport industry legends recount the contributions that Whistler Blackcomb has made to skiing and snowboarding and the significance of its golden anniversary. But while 50 Years of Going Beyond solidifies the resort’s legacy in the past, there is no denying that the last 50 years is just the beginning.

TRAILER: We Trust Your Judgement

“We Trust Your Judgment is a filmmaker’s perspective reflecting the simple joys and hard work found in the process of creating a ski film.”

************ Updated 8/28 ***************

Warren Miller’s Chasing Shadows Official Trailer

“For the fall of 2015, Warren Miller Entertainment releases Chasing Shadows, the 66th annual winter sports film. Warren Miller once said, “A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom,” and this year, we’re chasing the world’s biggest names in skiing and snowboarding as they find that very freedom. Explore what it means to be inspired, and what it is about exotic locations and snow-covered summits that keep us searching for more. As skiers and snowboarders we chase a feeling, a memory, a storm, a turn — we’ve been chasing it our whole lives and we’ll keep chasing it a lifetime more.” –

Kyle Peterson’s “In Search”

“In Search” is a short film covering a skier seeking adventures into deep backcountry zones on skis and showcasing a fun and innovative approach to riding all aspects of the mountain. From ski-touring technical pillow lines, to hitting tricky natural hits, to free riding deep spine lines and spending cold nights camped out in pursuit of remote peaks. This project will take a look into the all around progression of freeriding all types of backcountry terrain.”- Inspired Media

Teton Gravity Research – Paradies Waits

“For those who anticipate winter’s arrival with frothing mouths and the dreams of what may come,this past year came with an unfamiliar set of struggles as these perfect moments became more and more elusive. But for the TGR team, this only hardened their pursuit of winter’s rewards.”

Legs of Steel – The Passenger

Superproof – The Masquerade

THE MASQUERADE [2015] – Trailer #1 from SUPER PROOF on Vimeo.

4Frnt – Sharing Skiing

“The magic feet, the long shoes, the slippery sticks we manufacture then bolt, strap and heli-coil ourselves onto. These are the peacemakers of humanity and mother nature. Without them, we have limitations, with them, we have none. Newcomer urban skier Cam Riley joins the likes of Kye Petersen, Wiley Miller, David Wise, Eric Hjorleifson and Thayne Rich in 4FRNT’s 5th annual feature team film, Shaping Skiing.”

Shaping Skiing Trailer from 4FRNT Skis on Vimeo.

The Bunch – Finito

The Bunch – FINITO° early trailer from The Bunch on Vimeo.

Warren Miller – Chasing Shadows

No trailer yet, but…
UPDATE – 8/12

Sneak Peak U.S. Freestyle Ski Team

tour dates have been posted


“Overwhelmed with the hyper-connectivity of the modern world, a group of friends embark on a journey to Japan in search of powder snow and good times – a quest to find and experience the ever-fabled ‘moment’.”

Swatch Degrees North – North Face

“In March, Xavier de le Rue and Samuel Anthamatten travelled to Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, situated halfway between continental Norway and the North Pole to film the next mission, ‘Degrees North’. The idea was for Xavier and Samuel to use paramotors to access and ride incredible lines, never before ridden in the remote locations of the Atomfjiella region in Svalbard. Second part of the movie will be filmed this winter and will see Ralph Backstrom joining the crew, to discover a new zone in Alaska.”

The Bums Get New Equipment


As you may have noticed from our last few podcasts, we have stepped up our audio quality. That’s right, we’re taking things to the next level!

The first few episodes of the podcast we just used a Macbook Pro with three of us around a circular table and decided to see how things turned out. It was OK, but you could barely hear Mario since he was furthest away from the speaker. It wasn’t until after that we looked up exactly where the microphone was located on the MacBook Pro(useful information to have right?). You wouldn’t just ski down an unmarked trail not knowing what was on the other side would you? Apparently we would. We ski like we podcast, with reckless abandon.

For podcast number 3 we procured an actual microphone, a Blue Snowball USB! microphoneIt definitely sounded better. The microphone did a great job when you were speaking into it within 2-3 inches. The problem for us was that there were two or three of us trying to share this microphone made us look like we were in Poison music video.

We decided to stop messing around and embrace the professionalism we want to project and give you, dear listener, the quality that you deserve. I did some research and just went to Amazon with guns (aka credit card) a blazin’! Here’s a list of the new gear that we purchased:

Mixer – How we connect the microphones and adjust audio levels: Behringer XENYX 1202 Mixer


Interface – connects mixer via USB to computer and allows us to monitor the sound levels using headphones: Behringer UCA202 Audio Interface


Microphones – our melodic voices go in: Behringer ULTRAVOICE XM1800S Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphones


Microphone Stands – That which holds the microphones, so we can use both hands: Hamilton Nu-Era Tabletop Mic Stand


On the software tip we’ve been OK the whole time. As an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, I had access to Adobe Audition. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to use it, but I was able to find a few tutorials and hack my way through it. One of the valuable lessons that I learned a few episodes in was to record the podcast as a single track, then create a multi-layer session adding in our intro and ending music at the end, then exporting it all out as a single mp3 file.

Theme Song

Much like the use of our software, having a Mac, I already had GarageBand installed, so I was able to play with that a bit, layer in a few sounds and come up with the soon to be famous ditty. I enjoyed the process so much, I’m thinking about turning it into a full-length song. Unfortunately, that’s about 97th on my list of things do to, so it may have to wait.

What’s Next?

One thing we noticed after the first week is that these new microphones pick up EVERYTHING including neighbors, air conditioners and your pals taking sips of the weekly flavor. We’re now more cognizant of these things and will do our best to minimize the amount of extra noise that we make, thus providing the best audio experience for you, dear listener.

We’re pretty happy with the way things are sounding now, but the next thing we’re going to get are some windscreens for the mics. The ideal long term scenario is to have a dedicated studio set-up, preferably at our first official High Falutin Ski Bum house, but that’s a long-term goal and still a bit down the road. If we can keep putting out valuable content and you, dear listener, can keep listening, maybe we can make this happen!