Podcast #42 – Tremblant!

The bums are back and they decided to take a trip up to Tremblant for the long MLK Weekend and they’re back to share some tips.

Weekly Flavor

  • Mario : Moscow Mule

  • Brian : Nob Creek Straight Burbon Whiskey

Ski News

  • Skier Loses Loaded Handgun at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Finds it at Lost-And-Found

    According to the Jackson Hole News & Guide, a Wyoming skier visiting Jackson Hole Mountain Resort dropped his loaded 9 mm handgun out of his shoulder harness during a hard crash, didn’t notice the gun was missing, and continued skiing while two off-duty resort employees found the weapon on the Dick’s Ditch run. The employees carried the gun down to resort security, where it was later reunited with its owner when he called in to report it missing.

    Although the resort discourages skiing or riding at the resort with a loaded gun–We recommend different kinds of safety equipment” were the words from JHMR risk and safety manager Josh Bishop–Wyoming law does not make it illegal to do so, and the resort has no rules against it, so those who are packing are legally allowed to slay it in more ones than one in Jackson Hole.

  • VIDEO: Skiing on the Korean Isle in the Middle of the Sea of Japan: Ulleng-Do

    In the middle of the sea stretching between Japan and South Korea, there lies a little island named Ulleung-Do. Very few people have ever heard of this destination from the get go, even fewer think of skiing it. The native population of Ulleung-Do has only four local skiers. Carston Oliver and Eliel Hindert were lucky enough to get an invitation to ski this unknown mecca- despite the inconvenience of getting there, it would be rude to refuse such an offer.

    Based on purely on the location of Ulleung-Do, it gets hammered with the snow that Japan’s mountains are known for collecting; however, here the storms are much more raw in power. They are known for receiving 1-2 meters of snow within a 24 hour period during an average storm cycle. The island is known for collecting over 50 feet of snow during a standard year. It is a volcanic island that is a four hour boat ride over turbid seas, yet it provides a powder paradise for the few who are brave and willing enough to go anywhere for snow.

  • Snowboarder Owes Skier $800,000 After Crash

    A crash back in January of 2015 that involved a skier and snowboarder has resulted in a debt that will likely ruin one snowboarder’s credit for life. A district court ruled that Randall Guelfo of Woody Creek must pay a Florida skier roughly $800,000 dollars after violating the Colorado Ski Safety Act reports the Aspen Times.

    At the time of the accident, Tracey Swaine of Florida was the downhill skier, which according to the CSSA, gives her the right of way. The lawsuit claims that the Guelfo jumped from a catwalk and crashed into Swaine, subsequently fracturing her tibula, fibula, humerus, and ankle. According to her lawyer, she still has trouble walking

    In an interview with the Aspen Times, Guelfo commented on the accident saying, “She was standing at the bottom of the hill, and I was coming off the top of it. It was a blind landing, and she was standing where she shouldn’t be.”

  • SkiLynx: the Best New Ski App for Keeping Track of Your Crew on the Hill

    A new app called SkiLynx, which debuts in the iTunes store Thursday for $2.99, aims to solve this problem. As long as you’re all using the app, the GPS-enabled software will link up with the resort’s trail map, and you can see exactly where you and your friends are in real time on the mountain. (It even tells you what percentage of the run your friends have completed.)

    You can also send pre-set messages indicating meet-up points with one tap of a button. And, of course, the app (which works on iPhones and Apple Watches for now) also tracks your day on the hill—total miles skied, total runs—and offers lift status (open, closed) and weather updates.

Topic: Tremblant

  • Location: Proximity to Motreal

  • Village

  • Mountain and Terrain

  • Nightlife : Casino, Bars, Brewery, Restaurants

  • Strength of the US Dollar

Around the Horn

  • Mad Dash: Antonio Cromartie pays an unbelievable amount of child support

    Antonio Cromartie recently revealed that his wife is expecting twins, despite his recent vasectomy to prevent having any more kids. The Jets cornerback famously has eight children with seven different women, and while that’s a daunting number on its own, and more than enough reason to have that operation, the New York Post revealed an even bigger reason why another child (or two) is going to hurt: Cromartie’s child support payments are up to $336,000 per year. That’s $3,500 per child, per month. Yeah, you read that right. The Jets just signed Cromartie to a 4-year, $32 million deal last offseason, but those support payments don’t make that contract look big enough.

  • Star Wars: Episode VIII is being pushed back seven months, from Memorial Day weekend in 2017 to Dec. 15

    Disney insiders say the decision to push back the film’s release comes after the blockbuster success of The Force Awakens over the year-end holidays. They say they have now decided to give Episode VIII the same Christmas treatment.
    The move will also give more breathing room to Star Wars films: Rogue One, the Gareth Edwards-helmed stand-alone “anthology” film about the heist of the original Death Star plans, comes out Dec. 16 of this year.

  • Tiny Private Paradise of an Island Eases You Into Off-Grid Living

    Want to own a private island but not sure if you’re ready to commit to homesteading way out in the middle of nowhere?
    A little island just a quarter-mile off Marathon, Fla., may be just the thing for you.
    It’s sort of a tester private island: It’s very, very small — less than an acre — and its proximity to shore ensures you’re not completely isolated from the rest of humanity. The 2,300-square-foot house has modern amenities including cable TV, yet it’s completely off the grid, with wind- and solar-powered electricity (plus a generator, just in case). For water, there’s a 16,000-gallon cistern.
    You reach the house by a three-minute boat ride or by helicopter, landing on the property’s own helipad.
    Oh, and there’s an above-ground pool in case the ocean is a little too raucous to wade out into.
    The asking price is $11 million — considerably higher than the $8.5 million price tag it had just last month. Maybe there’s some wiggle room, though, considering that the island has been on the market since at least 2012.
    And if you just want to get your feet wet, so to speak, you can rent the island for $1,000 a night.

  • One in 10 college graduates believes Judge Judy sits on Supreme Court

    Nearly one in 10 American college graduates believes Judith Sheindlin, a.k.a the wisecracking Judge Judy from syndicated afternoon television, is one of the nine justices currently serving on the United States Supreme Court. That’s according to a report released Tuesday from American Council of Trustees and Alumni, which conducted a poll of 1,000 adults late last summer.

    The survey found 9.6 percent of college graduates identified Judy as a Supreme Court justice, while 5.5 percent had Secretary of State John Kerry serving the country’s highest court. Nearly 22 percent said Lawrence Warren Pierce — a former federal judge with an admittedly Supreme Court-worthy name — was a current Supreme Court justice.

    (Sheindlin did serve as a supervising judge in Manhattan’s family court, but the 73-year-old never served a higher court, retiring in 1996.)

    What’s more, nearly 60 percent of college grads polled incorrectly identified Thomas Jefferson as the “Father of the Constitution,” while just 28 percent correctly identified James Madison.

    When asked to identify the president of the Senate, a majority (54 percent) of college graduates correctly identified Vice President Joe Biden. But 32 percent chose then House Speaker John Boehner for that position.

    The findings were part of a report titled “A Crisis in Civic Education” that concludes recent college graduates “are alarmingly ignorant of America’s history and heritage.”

    Ironically, the one thing college graduates are least ignorant about is their own constitutional rights, or lack thereof.

    According to the survey, 84 percent of college graduates correctly said that the “right to an education” is not protected by the First Amendment.

    But perhaps just as alarming, 2.5 percent of those surveyed said freedom of speech is not protected under the First Amendment.

    To borrow a line from the snooty maître d’ in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” I weep for the future.

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