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  • Avalanche kills 2 near Teton Village

    Two skiers died while a companion lived Sunday afternoon in an avalanche that hit the Rock Springs area just outside the south boundary of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

    Though officials weren’t releasing names of the three Sunday night, resort spokeswoman Anna Cole said they were “not local people — they were visitors from out of town.”

    It’s upsetting because these folks, because we don’t think they we’re properly prepared for the backcountry,” Cole said. “They didn’t have transceivers and they apparently didn’t know the terrain very well.”

    Patrollers using probes found one skier and extricated the person by 3:20, Cole said. Patrollers were joined by Teton County Search and Rescue and Jackson Hole Backcountry Guides, and they probed until they found the second skier at 3:32. One was found under 3 feet of snow, the other only a foot deep, both apparently killed by trauma.

    The survivor “grabbed a tree and was not carried over the cliff or buried,” Rheam said.

  • This Year’s Monster El Niño Is Making Everyone Want to Ski

    In Colorado, skier visits for the first part of winter (October 29-December 31) are up 10 percent compared to the same time last year. And according to Colorado Ski Country USA, this year’s skier visits are better than the first period five-year average by 13 percent. The hype of El Niño snow increased bookings just in time for a successful holiday period.

    Even in the Pacific Northwest, a region that doesn’t usually do quite as well during El Niño years, hype over powder has produced record-breaking skier visits. From December 19 through January 3, Stevens Pass logged its best visitation numbers during a holiday period since skier visits started being electronically recorded in the 2006-07 winter season. Visitation to the resort is up 119% season-to-date over last year’s awful winter.

  • Periscope integrates with GoPro to bring live streaming to action cameras

    Periscope just took its first steps away from the smartphone. The Twitter-owned live-streaming app announced an integration with GoPro that will let users broadcast to their followers from an action camera for the first time. The integration, which currently works on iOS with the GoPro Hero 4 Black and Hero 4 Silver, allows Periscope to recognize a GoPro whenever one is connected to an iPhone. Once connected, the app gives users the option of broadcasting from the camera.

    The integration raises interesting possibilities for surfers, skiers, snowboarders, and other athletes, as well as anyone who enjoys filming with a GoPro mounted on a drone. Indeed, the company teased some upcoming broadcasts from the X Games, which begin this week in Aspen, CO. “We’ll have a lot of other really cool content being generated by some athletes there that will really show off the integration.”

  • Shaun White Buys a Chunk of Mammoth Mountain, CA

    According to the LA Times, Shaun “The Flying Tomato” White, 29, has bought a minority stake in the company who runs Mammoth Mountain ski resort in California. That company is called Mammoth Resorts and they recently acquired Snow Summit and Bear Mountains ski resorts in SoCal for a cool $38 million. Mammoth Resorts also owns June Mountain, CA.

    Shuan made a “seven digit” investment into Mammoth Resorts according to Mammoth CEO Rusty Gregory.

    This is terrific news considering that the entire town of Mammoth Lakes, CA declared bankruptcy in June 2012.

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Around the Horn

  • Famed rapper insists world is flat

    Atlanta-based rapper and producer B.o.B has had the reverse realization. Once he believed the world was curvy. Now he’s convinced it’s flat.

    In a series of tweets posted on Sunday and Monday, B.o.B presented his thesis with words and pictures. He offered drawings and even intimated that the moon landings weren’t all that.

    In one tweet, for example, he suggested it was strange that the New York City skyline was visible from Bear Mountain in Harriman State Park, 60 miles away.

    He wrote: “If Earth were a ball 25,000 miles in circumference, viewing from Bear Mountain’s 1,283 foot summit, the Pythagorean Theorem determining distance to the horizon being 1.23 times the square root of the height in feet, the NYC skyline should be invisible behind 170 feet of curved Earth.”

    Naturally, his flat-Earthism made some tweeters rise up. To his Manhattan tweet, astrophysicist and frequent tweeter Neil deGrasse Tyson mused: “Earth’s curve indeed blocks 150 (not 170) ft of Manhattan. But most buildings in midtown are waaay taller than that.”

  • Luxury Safari Treehouse Opens in London

    In a move sure to excite the inner child in all of us, Virgin Holidays has constructed a 35-foot treehouse on London’s Southbank.

    And if sleeping in an urban treehouse is on your bucket list, the company has set up a raffle to give one lucky person to spend the night.

    The structure was built to promote Virgin Holidays “Wonderlist” experience, and replicates a South African treehouse that can be found at the Lion Sands Game Reserve.

    But these accommodations aren’t for kids. This luxury treehouse comes with its own private balcony, two bedrooms, a view of the River Thames, and a personal chef.

    The treehouse menu includes tempura mealworms with induja mayo, ostrich, and crocodile from celebrity chef Petrus Madutela.

  • An Ode to Pond Hockey: Winter’s Most Underrated Sport

    When the temperature drops, hardcore hockey players around the world leave behind climate-controlled rinks and return to the frozen ponds where the sport was born. Northland Films created an award-winning ode to these hallowed grounds in the 2008 documentary ‘Pond Hockey’. Earlier this month, the Great Lakes-based production company released a follow-up photo book called ‘Pond Hockey: Frozen Moments’. The 128-page anthology includes shots by photographers based everywhere from Denali to Helsinki, a testament to the sport’s global popularity—and a reminder that hockey still shines away from the bright lights of today’s rinks.

    “There’s just something to being outside and playing with your friends that you can’t beat,” says Tommy Haines, co-partner of Northland Films. “The speed and the wind and being surrounded by mountains—we wanted to celebrate that.”

  • Legal Weed in Vermont? Governor Announces Qualified Support

    The après beer is so much a part of skiing. But which resort will be the first to feature a slopeside marijuana lounge?

    That might still be hard to imagine, but another ski state, Vermont, may soon join Colorado and Washington in making the sale of pot legal.

    Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin announced his qualified support for legalization in his State of the State address last week. And the state’s Legislature will take up the issue as it embarks on a new session.

    A bill lawmakers will address would phase in legalization over two years. Beginning in July of this year, Vermonters age 21 and older would be allowed to grow weed and consume it legally in private settings. Legal sales in stores and smoking lounges would come a year later.

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