Podcast #41 – WTF-WeaTherFace!

Skiing and Boarding ain’t easy, especially when the weather is not so predictable. The bums tell you how we track the weather.

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Ski News

  • Top 5 Colorado Snowfalls

    • 1. Wolf Creek – 269″
    • 2. Steamboat – 181″
    • 3. Telluride – 161″
    • 4. Loveland – 157″
    • 5. Purgatory – 150″
  • Super-Exclusive Colorado Ski Area Will Only Have 12 Cabins

    New private ski areas like Montana’s Yellowstone Club and Vermont’s Hermitage Club don’t come along too often, and a recently-debuted ski club in Colorado just might be the most exclusive one yet. According to the Denver Post, the brand new Cimarron Mountain Club is a “powder paradise” in Southwest Colorado and skiers and snowboarders who buy into the development will get unlimited cat and guided skiing. That’s right, Cimarron Mountain Club residents will be able to ski more than 1,000 acres and 60 ski runs of unlimited powder with literally no one around them. But here’s the catch (and it’s a big one): the private ski area will only be available to 12 owners and their guests.

    The Cimarron Mountain Club is developing only 12 parcel sites (averaging more than 100 acres each) to ensure that the powder remains untracked and there is plenty of wilderness to enjoy. That means that only 12 wealthy buyers can get in on the action, and homesites range from $2.7 million to $3.85 million. All owners pay annual dues of at least $50,000 each year, but that cash pays for plenty of top-notch amenities like unlimited snowcat and guided skiing, groomed cross country skiing, and a planned clubhouse with a restaurant, bar, spa, pool, and gym.

  • Vonn Dominates in Weekend’s Races

    Meanwhile, Lindsey Vonn continued to dominate the women’s races, inching ever closer to becoming the most decorated World Cup racer of all time. Vonn already holds the record for most GS wins, and with a downhill win (her 36th win in the discipline) she matched Austrian Annemarie Moser-Proell’s all-time best mark in the discipline. She took the downhill at 2:11.17, followed by a full second by Canada’s Larisa Yurkiw. Vonn also won Super G, followed by Switzerland’s Lara Gut. Austria’s Cornelia Huetter took third in both events.

  • World’s Longest Shot Ski

    It’s doubtful anyone at the bar will care that Ann Atkins set the record for the largest collection of garden gnomes with 2,010 or that the record for most people twerking simultaneously is 358. But this Thursday, nearly 900 skiers, drinkers, and generally the type of people we like to spend our afternoons with, will line up down Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado, in an attempt to break the only world record that really matters: World’s Longest Shot Ski.

  • Mount Everest’s Ski & Snowboard Sale at Meadowlands MetLife Stadium

    January 14-18th

    Metlife Stadium – East Rutherford, NJ

    The Toyota Club in the Metlife Stadium will be transformed into the largest ski & snowboard shop on the east coast, where you’ll find over 30,000 sq. ft. packed with amazing deals of up to 80% off Skis, Snowboards, Outerwear, Winter Apparel & Accessories, Partner Resort Lift Ticket and Lodging specials and a Free Lift Ticket to Windham Mountain or Mountain Creek with the purchase of every Ski or Snowboard.

Topic: WTF-WeaTherFace !

    Cool apps for mountain weather

    Funny ways ski/board folks can read the weather

Around the Horn

  • David Bowie – RIP

    Very Weird

  • Long Live Ziggy Stardust: A Farewell to David Bowie

    The legendary David Bowie—rock royalty, master of personas like The Thin White Duke, Aladdin Sane, Ziggy Stardust—has died just two days after his 69th birthday.

    His publicist confirmed the news, and a message on the singer’s Facebook page revealed that Bowie had been fighting cancer.

    “David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer,” it reads. “While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family’s privacy during their time of grief.”

  • Power Ball is 1.5 Billion

  • Mutant Mountain Lion

    Wildlife officials in Idaho are flummoxed over the discovery of a seemingly mutated mountain lion which had teeth growing out of the top of its head.

    An unidentified hunter took down the creature last week and the photo documenting its strange condition has left experts puzzled.

    “It has all of us scratching our heads,” wildlife biologist Zach Lockyer told the Idaho State Journal, “it’s a bizarre situation and a bizarre photo.”

    Officials concede that they’ve never seen such a unique creature before and are left guessing as to what caused its unique appearance.

    The most prevalent theories center around incredibly rare circumstances which may have spawned the unsightly set of teeth.

    Experts says that its possible the mountain lion was one half of a set of conjoined twins and that the ‘horns’ are absorbed remnants from its counterpart.

    Another theory speculates that the creature was afflicted with a tumor known as a teratoma which grows its own body parts, including teeth.

    Mountain Lion on Ski Slope –
    How crazy is this

  • Foley Brothers Brewing

    This past weekend we had our first examples of Foley Brothers Brewing’s offerings – the Fair Maiden and Prospect! Both are Double/Imperial IPAs and both were amazing. The Prospect ended up being our favorite with the danky deliciousness and citrusy upfront notes. Certainly a beer we were excited to find and looking forward to another tasting session.

  • The Tree Of Death

    Although it resides on chilled-out, tourist-friendly beaches, the manchineel tree (Hippomane mancinella) seems hell-bent on its vendetta against humanity.

    This tree can found in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico, parts of northern South America, The Galápagos Islands and even in the U.S. state of Florida. When the Spanish first found the tree during their conquest of the Americas, they named it “arbol de la muerte,” which translates to “tree of death.” Even touching its bark can leave you with chemical burns, although its notoriety and toxicity mainly lies in its fruit. Ingesting the sweet-smelling fruit can cause severe vomiting, diarrhea, and seizures.

    The tree contains many toxins. However, it is believed most of the unsavory effects come from the organic compound phorbol. Scarily, pretty much every part of the tree contains these toxins, from its bark to its sap.

  • Watch GoPro Footage of the Raid That Helped Bring Down El Chapo

    The raid ultimately lasted about 15 minutes and left five Chapo associates dead (and one Marine injured). The government apparently made GoPro footage culled from the helmet worn by a Marine involved in the raid available to TV network Televisa. True to form, Chapo—known for pioneering the use of tunnels in the drug trade—snuck out a secret compartment behind a mirror into a tunnel with a top deputy. They then stole a car before being captured by federal cops.

  • Humans Have Caused Earth To Enter A New Geological Epoch, The Anthropocene.

    An international scientific panel has decided that there is little doubt that we have now entered the Anthropocene. Based on the latest data, the review of the evidence shows that we have made sufficient changes to Earth’s systems that it warrants the new classification.

    These changes include hundreds of tonnes of plastics being churned out every year, the boom in concrete for buildings and construction, the vast amounts of phosphorous and nitrogen being added to the world’s soils, and the ever-increasing amount of carbon being pumped into the atmosphere.

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