Podcast #40 – Fatmaps!

With a late start to winter for us in the NorthEast we’re getting ready for our big trips of the season. Through our careful preparation, we’ve found the perfect app for us to use while on the mountain. Fatmaps is the new app and we’ll be talking about that today.

Weekly Flavor

Ski News

    Red Bull Cold Rush

    Red Bull Cold Rush is one of skiing’s most prestigious and downright badass competitions. The star-studded event blends the big-mountain and slopestyle disciplines through a helicopter access course, featuring cliffs, steeps and man-built booters. After a three-year hiatus, Cold Rush will return this season with an all-star cast

    Waze for skiing’ uses cell phones, cameras to track wait times at Vail

    Skiers and snowboarders are now using the same technology as drivers to find the best routes back up the mountains of the country’s biggest ski resort operator.
    Vail Resorts has rolled out new technology to check wait times at the company’s 55 chairlifts and gondolas in Colorado. The system anonymously tracks the progress of patrons’ smartphones and GoPro cameras through the lift lines to build a realtime map of wait times. Patrons using the company’s EPIC Mix app can then check lift lines from anywhere on the mountain, including from the comfort of their slopeside lodge.

    Drone Almost Kills Ski Racer

    The downhill skier, Marcel Hirscher, was almost hit by a drone in a World Cup slalom event in Italy. Check out the video of a VERY near-miss.

    Nearly 70 skiers rescued in chairlift snafu at Lake Tahoe resort

    An unoccupied chair fell on the downhill route of the resort’s North Bowl ski lift about 11 a.m.on Monday causing the lift to stop and everyone on the chair to be evacuated.

Topic: FATMAPS !

    We’ve found the perfect app for our next big ski adventure.

Around the Horn

    All the Ways Beer Got Weird

    Very Weird

    Stoner Sloth

    he internet is having a good laugh at “Stoner Sloth,” the series of anti-weed TV spots produced by an Australian government agency. The ads have been mercilessly mocked for everything from featuring a cute animal that isn’t exactly imperiled by being a bit sleepy to the fact that an easy-to-make error in the URL teased in the commercials leads to a pro-marijuana site.
    A meme was born, gladdening the hearts of T-shirt makers everywhere

    CES 2016 Gadgets

    Run Rockets are sensors that attach to shoes or skis to analyze a user’s running or skiing form in real time. Feedback is delivered via a heads-up display that looks like a cross between a Google Glass and a pair of sunglasses. A set costs between $350 and $550. CEO Hermann Schindler is looking for investors in order to sell the product, developed in Europe, in the U.S.

    Ski tech seems to be a trend. Inmotion is showing off what it’s calling the world’s first smart ski airbag vest. Worn under a ski suit, sensors in the vest can detect an unrecoverable imbalance, anticipate an impact and inflate, all in less than a tenth of a second. Approved by the International Ski Federation, it was worn by cross racers in 2015 and will be in stores in time in the 2016-17 ski season.

    Digitsole unveiled it’s Warm Series — a connected and interactive heating insole. An app lets users control the temperature of the insole and track physical activity such as steps, distance and calories. The insoles fit most shoes, charge in less than two hours and the battery life lasts for 24 hours. The insoles cost of $199 on Amazon and are already available in 30 countries.

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