Podcast #38 – Ski Bum Week Is Upon Us!

It’s finally that time, that’s right, it’s ski bum week. Every year, the bums take a week off in December to live the ski bum dream. This week, we’re podcasting from the car on the way to Killington, VT.

Weekly Flavor

Ski News

  • Snow, Snow Everywhere (except the Northeast)


  • Colorado’s I-70 Mountain Express Lane To Open Tomorrow (12/12/15)

    Construction is complete on the new eastbound I-70 toll lane that takes skiers from Denver to a majority of Colorado’s ski resorts. According to Vail Daily, the Colorado Department of Transportation is now in the process of testing the new electronic signs, license plate cameras and tolling equipment before opening the lane this Saturday, December 12. While the lane will be open for the first time, drivers will not be charged any fees for this weekend only.


  • This Year’s El Niño Is the Strongest Ever Recorded

    The New Scientistreports that during 1997’s El Niño, the central Pacific’s temperature peaked at 2.8°C above average. This year, temperatures reached 2.8°C on November 4 and then rose to 3.1°C on November 18. As of December 2, the central Pacific was still at about 2.9°C above average.


  • ‘UberSKI’ Launches in Salt Lake

    Now that you don’t have to drive to and from Little Cottonwood Canyon, aprés is about to get a lot wilder in the Wastach.

    After exploding onto the San Fransisco scene in 2009, Uber is moving into the ski industry in what will be the first ski-oriented transportation app of its kind in the United States. Titled UberSKI, the new system will offer snow-ready vehicles for skiers and snowboarders throughout the Wasatch Front on Saturday. To access the next company’s newest system, one must be in Salt Lake or Park City and push the UberSKI toggle on the current app. Once the driver arrives, you choose from an array of ski areas across the Wasatch and the surcharge is only $4.

    The company is executing the new system in partnership with Park City based backcountry.com and their new video of Sierra Quitiquit and Angel Collinson (the first women to ever win Powder Magazine’s coveted award for ‘Best Line of The Year’!) is on point.


Topic: Ski Bum Week is Here!

    It’s finally that time, that’s right, it’s ski bum week. Every year, the bums take a week off in December to live the ski bum dream. This week, we’re podcasting from the car on the way to Killington, VT.

Around the Horn

  • Star Wars condoms keep your saber covered

    Want to avoid the pitter-patter of little padawans? Condoms called Saber Skins let you sheath your lightsaber the Star Wars way.

    The condoms, made by Graphic Armor, a company that specializes in custom-made condoms, feature quotes such as “No, I am your father,” famously spoken by Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker in “The Empire Strikes Back,” and Yoda’s admonition to Luke: “Try not! Do, or do not. There is no try.”


  • Daredevil jetmen reach new heights alongside A380 jetliner in Dubai

    Daredevil ‘Jetman’ Yves Rossy took to the Dubai skies again with his wingman Vince Reffet — only this time accompanied by an Emirates A380 airliner.

    Soaring above the city’s famous Palm Jumeriah islands, the pair are dwarfed by the massive passenger jet, the largest in the world.

    Painstaking planning and preparation went into the flight.

    Ahead of the groundbreaking flight, Rossy expressed his excitement.

    “We will be mosquitoes, flying with an eagle or a condor,” he said.


  • Disney Invests $200 Million More in Vice Media to Support New Programming

    Disney has invested another $200 million in Vice Media, doubling its stake just weeks after its first investment, people familiar with the deal said on Tuesday.

    The cash infusion brings Disney’s stake in Vice to about 10 percent, according to one of the people. The investment does not change Vice’s valuation, the person said, which last month was put in the range of $4.2 billion to $4.5 billion.


  • Bitcoin’s Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Is Probably This Unknown Australian Genius

    n the last weeks, WIRED has obtained the strongest evidence yet of Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity. The signs point to Craig Steven Wright, a man who never even made it onto any Nakamoto hunters’ public list of candidates, yet fits the cryptocurrency creator’s profile in nearly every detail. And despite a massive trove of evidence, we still can’t say with absolute certainty that the mystery is solved. But two possibilities outweigh all others: Either Wright invented bitcoin, or he’s a brilliant hoaxer who very badly wants us to believe he did.

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