Podcast #37 – Getting Ready for Ski Bum Week!

As we prepare for HFSB Ski Bum Week 2015, the bums will share some of their plans for a great kick off to the season. Sharing their hopes and dreams for the week will be part of setting up another great bum week ahead.

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Ski News

    Top 15 Deepest Snowpacks in the USA

    California, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Nevada, and Colorado have all been getting hefty amounts of early season snowfall and their current snowpacks reflect that.

    It’s only December 4th and we’ve got 11 ski resorts with 30″ of snow on the ground or more. Sweet.

    2015/16 is off to a great start with El Nino forecast to kick in starting in January. Get out there and make some turns this weekend!

    Taos is Getting New Owners and an Upgrade

    When it comes to skiing, New Mexico has long been the stepchild of sorts to its northern neighbor, Colorado, and its abundance of larger, snowier mountains and well-developed towns and resorts.

    Still, Taos stands alone, a legend among even the hardiest of skiers.

    Relatively small and off-the-beaten path, this has always been a true skiers’ mountain, renowned for its narrow, steep, challenging slopes, no-nonsense visitors and, best of all, the lack of long lift lines.

    But the Taos resort was sold two years ago by the founding Blake family to Louis Bacon, a New York billionaire, skier and conservationist. And now Taos Ski Valley is investing some $300 million on updating and expanding the resort with improvements that have added to its appeal.

    CEO Gordon Briner hopes to grow the resort “back to where we were 20 years ago. In the early ’90s, we were averaging 320,000 to 340,000 visits (each winter). We slipped. We’re averaging about 230,000 right now.”

    Last year, Taos opened its long-awaited Kachina Peak lift, which takes skiers to expert terrain that could previously be accessed only by those willing (and able) to take off their skis and hike to the top of the 12,481-foot summit.

    Briner said the lift was immediately the most popular draw on the mountain, and skier visits were up about 10,000 last year.

    Peak Resorts agrees to acquire famous New York ski lodge

    Peak Resorts, the Wildwood-based owner and operator of ski resorts, including Hidden Valley Ski Resort in Eureka, Missouri, has agreed to acquire a southeastern New York ski resort for $36.8 million.

    The deal, according to a Peak release, includes $35 million in cash plus the assumption of two capital leases estimated at $1.8 million. The purchase price is about six times more than the resort’s adjusted EBITDA ($6 million) for fiscal 2015.

    Gift Idea: Periodic Table of Colorado Ski Resorts

    Voormi’s Plan to Revolutionize Our Outerwear and the Mountain-Town Economy

    Five years ago, Dan English, a former manager at Microsoft and an executive vice president at hunting-apparel company Mossy Oak, had a revelation: there were too many clothes in his gear shed. Most of it worked all right but was so specialized that he had to bring a suitcase full of layers whenever he traveled. Many of the hard shells were so flimsy, they didn’t last more than a few seasons.

    “I wanted to know how you could wear a piece of apparel for longer,” English says, “both throughout the day and over the span of years.”

    Since the 1970s, companies had been making shells the same way: by sandwiching a waterproof membrane between two pieces of fabric. Confined by overseas supply chains and textiles sourced largely from two companies—eVent and Gore-Tex—innovation was incremental at best.

    So in 2010, English established Voormi, named for a fictional, yeti-like mountain-dwelling beast, in a rusty, flood-prone building in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Setting up shop in, say, Boulder, which is home to dozens of outdoor companies, would have made life easier. But the team he assembled—his son, Dustin, a guide on Denali; Doug Lumb, who spent 43 years at Polartec developing fabrics used by Nike, Salomon, and the U.S. military; and Timm Smith, a former chemical engineer at Gore-Tex—worried that moving to a gear hub would only breed more cookie-cutter apparel. Pagosa Springs, a town of 1,700 surrounded by nearly three million acres of national forest and wilderness, seemed like the perfect undiscovered mountain playground.

    Instead of gluing pieces of fabric to a membrane, Voormi developed a way to knit a textile—in this case, wool—through it. The new method, patented under the name Core Construction, creates a single-layer jacket that’s mostly weatherproof but wears like a fleece. The technology will debut in two shells this October—the men’s Fall Line and women’s High-E—which will be sold along with Voormi’s other products in 40 retailers and at Voormi.com. In Outside’s tests, Core Construction was adept at deflecting snow and wind, was warm enough to wear all day on a ski hill, and fit and felt like a sweatshirt. It didn’t hold up in sleet, but according to Smith, it isn’t meant to. “There are a lot of 100 percent seam-taped hard shells out there,” he says. “I’m not sure the world needs another one.”

Topic: Ski Bum Week 2015 !

    We’re getting ready to kick off the 2015 season right with Ski Bum Week !

Around the Horn

    Canned wine is marketed to men who need to ‘shut up and drink’

    First there was wine in a bottle. Then there was wine in a box. Now, there is wine in a can.

    But, not just any can — a MANCAN.

    Although it’s not the first canned wine on the market, California based company MANCAN has created one of the first ever man-specific wine products, or so it professes.

    Uber Now Delivers Puppies Straight to Your Door

    15 minutes gets you $30 of puppy playtime

    Bugatti Chiron: The 1500-hp, $2.5-Million Veyron Successor Is Official

    Name it Chiron, and they will come. Or name it whatever you’d like, and so long as it’s the descendant of the mighty Bugatti Veyron, the rich and powerful will toss money at you like so much confetti. We’re talking, of course, about the Veyron’s successor, which Bugatti has confirmed will be named “Chiron” and will debut at the 2016 Geneva auto show this coming spring.

    The Fight to Legalize the Brilliant Pub-on-a-Bike

    Leave it to the Dutch to come up with a contraption that combines drinking, mass transit, and bikes. The beer bike, a pub on wheels seating as many as 16, first showed up in the Netherlands in 1997 when Zwier van Laar and his brother built the contraption for a parade. Van Laar has since produced more than 200 of the bikes for public drinkers all over the world.

    Two decades later, the party bikes are finally taking over America—albeit slowly. The nation’s notoriously bike-unfriendly cities are even less welcoming to giant, roving, beer-serving machines. But the bikes may finally be gaining momentum. Last month California passed a resolution making the bars-on-wheels legal throughout the state, and other locales may soon follow.

    GMP first in nation to offer Vermonters the Tesla Powerwall home battery

    1Vermont Business Magazine Green Mountain Power announced today that it is the first utility in the country to offer home battery offerings for customers. Under this innovative filing, Vermonters have the option to purchase the Tesla Powerwall battery outright or lease with no upfront cost. The cutting edge battery technology will empower customers to become more energy independent while also allowing the company to reduce peak demand on the system, providing cost savings to all customers. GMP is the first utility in the country to partner with Tesla to offer the Powerwall. Tesla is the maker of the all-electric vehicle powered by its proprietary battery and charging system.

    “This is a game changer that will help fully leverage solar to the benefit of all with cost savings, while empowering Vermonters to generate, store and use energy closer to the home,” said GMP President and CEO Mary Powell. “As Vermont’s energy company of the future, GMP is partnering with customers on an energy transformation that moves away from the 100-year-old grid system, to a new one that is more reliable, sustainable and cost-effective.”

    What’s The Most Common Sexual Fetish In Your State?

    Porn MD has created a interactive infographic detailing the top 10 searches on their pornsite.

    According to their results, a fairly regular search worldwide is for “teen” – perhaps disconcerting, even if all actresses and actors are over eighteen. “MILF” also made a fairly common appearance. Much of the world also appears to search “compilation” – after all, variety is the spice of life.

    Maybe the most striking trend is that most countries’ top 10 searches feature their own nationality. In France, French is their top search; in India, Indian comesup most frequently, etc.

    In addition to this live map, they also have a live feed of all the terms people are searching, which you can check out here. Although, brace yourself to be shocked, confused, and disappointed in humanity.

    Bacon-scented underwear, for your own personal strip show

    Ever woken up next to that special someone only to be disappointed they didn’t smell of bacon, that meat so few of us can resist?

    I can only presume that’s the thinking behind J&D Foods’ new offering, bacon-scented underwear, a product the retailer of bacon-flavored goods gleefully announced on Tuesday.

    “Marrying the ultimate in comfort and cured meat, J&D’s bacon-scented underwear represents the gold standard of meat-scented luxury undergarments,” the company says. “Each pair is handcrafted in the USA to offer the support of briefs, the freedom of boxers and the smell of breakfast cooking in your pants. You really can have it all.”

    Stop What You’re Doing Right Now And Type This Into Google

    Unless you’ve been lost on planet Hoth for the past year, you’ll probably be aware that “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” will be in cinemas by this time next month.

    To help ease the excitement of your inner geek, Google has revealed they have hidden some Star Wars Easter eggs in their programs and websites.

    If you type “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” into a Google search bar, your search page will turn into the iconic Star Wars opening sequence of scrolling yellow titles disappearing into the depths of starry space.

    Very cool – unless you genuinely need to search “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

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