Podcast #20 – The Appening!

The bums are back and they’re doing app research so you can the most out of your mobile device when you get to the mountain!

Apps are based on what people are looking for; to help with travel, finding their way around a ski town, convenience of all types, or just to track your day on the mountain. Now top ski app lists are everywhere so you may have to search long and hard to find the app that’s right for you. Just don’t be afraid to try apps for free and kill the ones that don’t work for you.

Weekly Flavor

Followup from Last Week

Last week during our conversation about the finding of a near Earth planet 1400 light years away as well as getting these amazing new footage from Pluto, Mario made a comment about us being to learn all these foreign worlds, but we still can’t find the reckage of the Malaysian Airlines MH370 which went down in March 2014. This week, plane debris believed to be MH370 was discovered in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar.

We also reported that American’s First All-Inclusive Marijuana Ranch in Colorado was due to open this summer, but it looks like it won’t happen until 2016 at theh earliest

Ski News

The Appening!

Notable ‘Best Ski App’ lists we found (many others out there)

Apps for Travel

  • Liftopia
  • Expedia
  • Yelp
  • Tripadvisor
  • Waze
  • GasBuddy

Utility Apps

Ski / Board Tracking Apps


  • Ski Resort Mogul – you’re a pretty blonde teenage girl and there’s a hunky guy that you are major crushing on, but he’s only into skiing. While sadly staring at his dreamy photo, your sweet Aunt Sue calls and she needs help at her ski resort…
  • Touch Ski 3D – Use your fingers as skis and race down different types of courses
  • Alto’s Adventure – Snowboarding adventure game where you travel as Alto across endless amazing graphic landscapes


  • Ski Fit – 10 GBP/year includes 8 week training courses for skiing, running and triathalons
  • Ski Better with Ali Ross – Video lessons http://www.skibetterwithali.co.uk
  • Ski Workout – 12 minute workout to prepare for yourself for a day skiing

Apple Watch

Watch still freezes under 32, be careful!!

Around the Horn

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