Podcast #19 – Tech Yo’self!

The bums are back and they’re discussing technology that will take your skiing to levels you’ve never imagined, both in terms of comfort and performance!

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Tech Yo’self

We did some research to find some great products to enhance your skiing experience. We’ve broken it into different categories for your viewing pleasure. If there’s something we missed hit us up and let us know @skibumpodcast


  • Apple Watch – Tracks basic health and workout info. Lots of hope for this one. Can it stand the cold or will it freeze like my phone? Needs the phone too?
  • Garmin Fenix 2 – Records all your individual ski runs (unique) and compares to other skiers.v3 due out this year.
  • Suunto Ambit 3 Peak Black – Synchs to Bluetooth then cloud for storage. Includes heart rate and altitude info.

Cameras and Wearable Computers


Battery Packs

  • New Trent PowerPak Ultra – Waterproof 14,000mAh battery pack (huge power supply packed in small package) 2.1A or 1A outputs available, size of a fat iPhone 5.


Ski Tracking System

  • Madshus emPower – RFID chip stores ski’s unique DNA to store profile. Comes with app to customize and track workouts based on skis being used.

Other Cool Technology To Note

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