Podcast #18 – Too Hot for Hats!

The bums are back and even though it’s hot, we’re going to talk about the evolution of hats and helmets in the world of skiing.

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Too Hot For Hats

In this episode we discussed the history of hats, evolution into helmets and how we got to this helmeted, Iron Man, ready-for-snow-battle state that we’re in now.


  • Watch Cap – stretch knit cap
  • Ushanka – Russian babushka
  • South American Chullo – alpaca w/earflaps and tie
  • Astrakhan (Canadian Wedge)


  • 1995-2010 increase of use from 5% to 76% – serious injuries decreased by 65%
  • 2009 Vail & Intrawest made it mandatory for kids and workers to wear

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