Podcast #81 Deep Pow Problems!

We all love deep powder. The sensation of floating and flying is unlike almost anything in the world, but with that beautiful freedom comes danger. The bums are here to give you some tips and advice to make sure you maximize your time, but also live to ski another day.

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From The Ganjala

Julian's Powtlook

Broad Look - East

Low Pressure System Coming down from Gulf of Alaska bring lots of moisture the West coast of North America. That storm system will make its way East by mid next week.

Broad Look - West

Thursday, we can expect to see some snow in British Columbia making its way down to Washington later in the day. By Friday night Mount Baker could see over a foot and a half.

For the weekend, the Tahoe Region can expect up to 2 feet Saturday night through Sunday.

As the storm makes its way farther East, Idaho, Southern Montana, Wyoming and Utah could see around 6 inches Sunday night.

Monday, Colorado will get what’s left of the snow, until it picks up more moisture from the Gulf and sends it to the East.

Toward the middle of next week, the east coast will see some precipitation, and if it stays cold enough, hopefully it will all be snow!

Week In Review

Utah is the bigger winner this past week, Snowbasin getting almost 70 inches this week and Snowbird, Brighton, and Powder Mountain all breaking 60 inches.

Ski News

Main Topic : Deep Pow Problems

  • 7 Top Tips To Powder Skiing

    1. Speed Is Your Friend
    2. Pressure Control Is Key
    3. Choose Your Gear Wisely
    4. The Deeper The Snow, The Steeper The Slope
    5. Beware Of The Myths and Tricks
    6. Adapt Your Stance
    7. Milage Is The Final Piece Of The Puzzle!
  • Dangers of Deep Pow – AZ Daily Sun

    • Slopes with > 35 degree angles are more suscept to avalanches
  • Tree Well Danger an ‘Underappreciated Risk’

    • Tree wells are formed when air pockets are created around the trunks of trees
    • Water vapor rises from the base of the trunk and turns the snow into a sand-like consistency
    • If a skier falls into a tree well, they will sink deeper and deeper into the snow the more they struggle to get out, similar to quicksand
    • The official cause of death in these fatalities is snow immersion suffocation (SIS)

    “Snow immersion and avalanches kind of go hand in hand. When risk goes up for one, risk goes up for the other”

    Tree well-related deaths and SIS almost always occur inbounds, but it is absolutely preventable

    Your friend could be your lifeline. Baugher stresses that not only should you ski with a partner, but that you also must always have your partner in sight. The majority of deaths occur when skiers go with a partner, but they get separated in the trees. The other person usually ends up waiting at the bottom of the run or at the lift, but by the time they realize their partner isn’t coming down, it could be too late.

    People who get caught in tree wells can sometimes find air pockets and survive up to an hour, but for many their survival time is closer to 15 minutes.

    When skiers do fall in deep snow on a tree line, it’s common that your body starts to slide in a way that your head falls before your body. If this occurs, do everything you can to turn your body around to prevent falling into a tree well upside-down.

    Digging your skis into the snow to turn around, bear hugging trees, or clinging onto branches can get skiers out of that position. That way, if you do fall into a tree well, you will be upright and your chances of getting out are much higher.

    More Info at deepsnowsafety.org

    Sun Valley Snowboarder Found Dead Following Tree Well Encounter

    Connecticut Snowboarder Found Dead in Lake Tahoe(Northstar) Tree Well

  • Know Before You Go

    1. Get the Gear
    2. Get the Training
    3. Get the Forecast
    4. Get the Picture
    5. Get Out of Harms Way
  • GEAR

    • Avalanche Beacon
    • Shovel
    • Probe
    • Avalung
    • Recco – The RECCO reflector is a small reflector that is may be sewn into a skier or boarders clothing or is on their equipment like a ski boot. This allows them to be found by a RECCO device.
    • Whistle – EASY!!
  • Your Gear is only as good as your training – Beacon Training Park

Under the Ropes

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