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The bums are back and they’re angry…angry about their terrible trip timing and current lack of snow. We SnAngry. This happens when spring conditions hit in February, but we’re going to find positivity and pre-joy in the hand we’ve been dealt.

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Julian's Powtlook

Broad Look - East

Precipitation coming to the west and the east this weekend. As temperatures in the east are very warm for this time of year we might see some rain before it turns to snow.

The cold air will be moving through Saturday night in the north east producing some snow overnight into Sunday. Totals could reach up to 8 inches in northern Vermont and New York if, and that’s a big if, it gets cold enough quick enough.

Broad Look - West

Shifting focus to the west, today Utah and parts of norther Colorado are getting some snow making tomorrow look like a great day.

Sunday into Monday California will be getting some snow, but not quite as much as they have been getting with totals around 6 inches of new snow.

Monday night, the San Juan’s/ Southern Colorado will see some snow as well maxing out at near 8 inches at Wolf Creek.

Looking forward to later next week as temperatures cool off, the east could be seeing some more snow as well but it’s a bit too early to call

Week In Review

Utah got some great totals the past two days, Snowbird, Solitude, and Brighton breaking two feet.

California did good at week with several resorts getting 70+ inches. Some resorts have even extended their season.

Ski News

Main Topic : SnAngry

  • Rain and warm this weekend and the bums are feeling angry, depressed, and ornery that skiing on the east coast sucks right now. While not ideal at home, they are still wishing everyone at a snowy destination to enjoy the time they have on the slopes.
  • Brian buys new powder skis with a great deal from France, yes France!

Under the Ropes

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