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  • Should ski resorts have pistes lengths verified?

    They are accused of exaggerating their lengths – some by a huge amount. Now a new seal of approval has been created.

    In 2013 a German snowsports enthusiast and researcher, Christoph Schrahe, came up with his own measurements after extensive research.

    He claimed that many resorts gave much higher figures than were true; see here for our PlanetSKI story from the time.

    Some resorts exaggerated their length by 50% or so, and in a few cases doubling the real figure.

Ski News

  • Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Eats Bacon and Banana Bread, Even When She’s Training (bonappetit.com)

    “Bon Apetite article : The Olympic skier on how she eats when she’s training—and the foods she
    goes crazy for when she’s not.

    What is your diet like when you’re training?
    I’m training probably nine months out of the year. I eat foods that I like, but they’re more portioned, and the carb-to-protein-to-fat ratio is calculated in each meal. Now I’m eating like 50-50 protein-to-carbs at breakfast. Lunch is maybe 60-40, and dinner is usually no carbs. I eat a lot of fat in my diet—avocado, almond butter, olive oil, even bacon.

    A mixologist is making a drink called The Lindsey Vonn—what’s in it?
    Champagne and Red Bull. I think that’s called a Chambull but I like Prosecco, too.” – (snowbrains.com)


  • Throwback: Shit Skiers Say (snowbrains.com)

    “Remember the “Sh#t ____s Say” fad in 2012? Yeah, we do too. It had it’s moments. The brightest of those moments was clearly this video: “Sh#* Skiers Say” and on this Friday funday, we’d like pay homage to its creators: Voleurz.” – (snowbrains.com)


  • Ski Magazine Resort Guide (skinet.com)

    The East

    1. Tremblant PQ
    2. Stowe VT
    3. Holiday Valley NY
    4. Smugglers Notch VT
    5. Whiteface NY
    6. Jay Peak VT
    7. Killington VT
    8. Sunday River ME
    9. Okemo VT
    10. Mt Snow VT

    The West

    1. Whistler BC
    2. Sun Valley ID
    3. Deer Valley UT
    4. Telluride CO
    5. Jakson Hole WY
    6. Snomass CO
    7. Vail CO
    8. Steamboat CO
    9. Whitefish MT
    10. Beaver Creek CO


  • Monopalooza 2015 with Rachel Burkes and Warren Miller (unofficialnetworks.com)

    Festival of all things mono…yes monoski is back Monopalooza 2016 ! Whistler Blackcomb – February 25-28 2016


  • The Most Iconic Buildings in Ski Country, Mapped (ski.curbed.com)

    “Whether ski towns originally formed for mining, agriculture, recreation or another industry, the history of their early days can be the richest part of the experience. The buildings from those founding years often form the popular images and reputations for these towns. To that end, Curbed Ski has mapped some of the most iconic buildings in ski country.”


Main Topic – No Train, No Gain

It’s that time of year, fall. A magical time that has always forced humans to take notice and force them into this almost robotic determination to prepare. Depending on when and where you were blessed to have been dropped in this world, that has meant very different things. Ever since man stopped being nomadic and began to cultivate the land and farm, the fall has been the time of the great harvest. To harvest all that he has been working and nurturing throughout the year so that during the cold, unforgiving winter, he and his family would be able hunker down, stay nourished and ultimately, stay alive.

While this practice still takes place in many parts of the world, including our own United States of America, the extremely privileged, like your ski bum friends (and probably you) are taking this time to prepare for the activity that brings more joy to them than any other, that’s right, skiing.

Pre-Ski Warm Up Routine From Chamonix Physiotherapist

Warm up and get moving and get mentally ready to ski

  • Warm: 1-2 minutes, squats to warm up muscles – raise your muscle temp and make ready
  • Activate: move side to side to activate ski muscles (10-30 reps)
  • Mobilize: leg swing holding ski poles, works range. forward and back, side to side Potentiation: jump up in the air 6-7 times

Suns Out Guns Out : How Pro Skers Train in Summer

The best skiers know there’s a direct correlation between summer activities and winter abilities. But when the temperature spikes and the sun starts to shine, it’s easy to forget the challenges of carving out turns, enduring tough terrain, and ripping through powder.

  • Sierra Quitiquit : Skier and Model – Regular fitness regime, yoga, rowing, and as much outdoor fun as possible such as rollerblading, climbing, hiking, skateboarding Eats : Paleo Diet
  • Chris Davenport : Big Mountain Skier and Mountanieer – Avoids the gym like the plague and enjoys connecting with nature by mountain & road biking, trail running, and rock climbing. Eats: Cliff bars and shot blocks for energy when exercising
  • Christina Lusti: Steers clear of the gym and does trail running, swimming, climbing, biking, anything outdoor. Eats: big breakfast, then fruit, yougurt, nuts, and granola throughout the day Mikaela Shiffrin: Anything to be the strongest and most fit. Weights, biking, running, agility, balance, tennis. Eats: Protien and carbs after workout. Protein, salad, and pasta almost daily.
  • Lynsey Dyer: Surfing a lot, endurance and strength training, cross-country running, and mountain biking. Eats: Heavily on protein, fat, and leafy greens. Red meat and salmon. Once ruled up for a ride on lasagna and chicken cordon bleu Caroline Gleich: Hiking, running, and climbing Eats: lean protein, eggs, salmon, fresh veggies, and trains with natural granola products with occasional burger and fries in there.

Cryotherapy: Freeze your way to better health?

If you think it’s cold outside now, how about enduring temperatures that are hundreds of degrees below zero — by choice? As CBS New York reports, more and more people are venturing to into the “frozen zone” for health and beauty. “Everyone’s looking for the fountain of youth. Everyone’s looking for that thing that’s going to make them feel better,” spa-goer Heidi Krupp told CBS2’s Kristine Johnson. And what makes Krupp feel better is stepping into a chamber where the temperature is an unbelievable minus 141 degrees Celsius. That’s 228 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. The treatment is known as whole body cryotherapy, a new health trend popping up across the country. It is two to three intense minutes of exposure to freezing nitrogen gas. The extreme temperatures shock the system and is said to stimulate the immune system. In addition to saying it makes you look younger, Krupp said it’s a rush that lasts for hours — even days.

The Best Yoga Poses for Skiing Fitness

  • Cresent
  • Warrior II
  • Pigeon

Five Yoga Poses for Skiing

The key to using yoga to reduce the risk of injury in any sport is to be proactive, not reactive. In skiing, that means being careful to have strong legs to endure long, challenging slopes. Any skier must have exceptional back and abdominal strength to hold perfect form for optimum control. Open and flexible hips are essential to protect the knees in the event you hit an unstable surface or for more graceful falls.

Above all else with skiing, as with most all sports, a symmetrical body is essential to a smooth, more effortless run down any mountain. Here are some poses to help achieve that. (As always, consult a doctor before you begin any new exercise program.)

  • Chair pose: This pose is a clear winner to develop the leg strength and form needed to
    maneuver even the toughest run.
  • Bow pose: Necessary after a long day on the mountain holding perfect form with a precision angle at the hip joint, the skier must take time to open the hip flexors.
  • Forearm plank hold: Unlike plank holds, forearm plank really digs deep into the abdominal strength while holding perfect form.
  • Chair twist: Adding the twist to the basic chair pose will open the obliques to facilitate subtle changes in the core that will direct your skis.
  • Rock and rolls: This is a movement more than a pose, to help you zone in on your needs before you hit the hills. It will show you loud and clear if you are off balance. Lying on your back, bring your knees into your chest. Hold the legs behind your thighs and close your eyes. Do not peek or you ruin your analysis! Inhale and exhale deeply and rock and roll six or seven times. On the seventh rep, stop in the seated position and open your eyes and see where you are. You may be quite surprised to see yourself facing the opposite direction — or on your neighbor’s yoga mat!

Around the Horn

Tesla’s Model X Is Here, and It’s as Awesome as We Hoped (wired.com)

“The world’s first luxury electric SUV is gorgeous. It’s futuristic. And once again, Tesla Motors is redefining the electric vehicle.

The Silicon Valley automaker has teased us for years with the Model X, and tonight it finally gave the world its first look at the production model, then handed six customers the keys.

Those people now own a $130,000 electric vehicle that will go 250 miles on a charge, carry seven people and haul more stuff than anyone but a hoarder might want with him. And although the X shares much of its DNA with the impressive Model S P90D sedan, in many ways it eclipses that phenomenal car. It’s not just the design, which is futuristic without being weird. It’s not just the performance, which is holy shit fast. And it’s not even the dramatic “falcon” doors that lift like the wings of a bird.

It’s how all of those features come together in a vehicle that somehow makes an SUV not just cool, but desirable.
But then, that’s what Tesla does.

Let’s start with the acceleration. It’s crazy. Every Model X comes with a 90 kilowatt-hour battery and dual motors, a model known as 90D. Drop another 10 grand and you get the P90D, which is the performance model with its “ludicrous mode.” Yes, Tesla actually calls it that, and it’s fitting. If you decide to stomp on the accelerator, make damn sure you’ve got plenty of open road ahead of you, because things happen very quickly. Sixty mph comes in 3.2 seconds, which is on par with the some of the best sports cars from anyone in Italy, Germany, or Britain. We tried it. That number’s legit.

Speaking of stuff, the X is cavernous. No one could tell us the internal volume—you’d think someone at Tesla would have had that figure—but one engineer said you could carry a sheet of plywood. Another said the X would easily swallow a surfboard. And yet another said you could carry a load of two-by-fours. Suffice it to say, this thing will swallow as much cargo as any normal person would carry. Tesla offers an accessory hitch that holds four bikes or six pairs of skis, and can be attached to the back of the car in just a few seconds.” – (wired.com)


The Last Gasps of Texas German (vice.com)

“Boas had stumbled upon Texas German, one of the most incidental developments in American history. In the mid-19th century, thousands of German immigrants settled in the freshly annexed Lone Star State, congregating in small towns like New Braunfels, Boerne, and Fredericksburg. In those days German was Texas’s dominant secondary language, with German newspapers, German radio broadcasts, German printing presses, and German church services popping up all over the state. When you separate a language from its source for over a century, it tends to take on a shape of its own. According to Boas, Texas German sounds like a strange combination of 19th century German with a dash of anglicization. For instance, the Texas German settlers of antiquity didn’t have a word for the skunks they encountered in the South, so they had to come up with their own: “stinkkatze,” literally “stink cat.”

But in the beginning of the 20th century, Texas passed national mandates that enforced the teaching of English in public schools. As the world grew more globalized and the national reputation of Germany suffered in the wake of World War II, few parents passed down the traditional dialect to their children. There are no new native Texas German speakers being born, and the few that still exist are all in their 70s and 80s. Within a couple of decades, the dialect will be completely extinct.” – (vice.com)


How Much Would it Cost to be Batman? (vice.com)

“Ever wonder how rich would you need to be to become a superhero like Batman, with all his cars and gadgets as of “Dark Knight Rises”?

Well, comic historian Thaddeus Howze has come up with a pretty specific answer. $682,450,750, to be exact, but without the Batcave-Mansion combo ONLY $83 million. Howze created a full breakdown of The Suit, Vehicles, Gadgets, Humble Abode, Training and estimated the costs to come up with this set of modern day figures. The author jokes: How much could you crowd fund? ” – (iflscience.com)


Chipotle says U.S. pork supply problem coming to an end (news.yahoo.com)

“The burrito seller on Monday said it has restored most of the pork supplies it lost early this year after suspending a supplier for not complying with its animal welfare standards. Denver-based Chipotle said it is now serving carnitas in 90 percent of its more than 1,850 restaurants.

Some 600 restaurants were affected by the cut in its pork supplies. Outlets in the Cleveland and Atlanta areas, as well as in North Carolina and South Carolina, are still awaiting supplies, the company said, adding it expects to have all restaurants resupplied by the end of November.

Chipotle in January said the suspension came after a routine audit found inconsistencies between an unnamed, primary pork supplier’s operations and the chain’s protocols ” – (news.yahoo.com)


NASA confirms that liquid water flows on Mars (theverge.com)

“NASA has advertised these findings as the solution to a major Mars mystery: does the Red Planet truly have liquid water on its surface? Researchers have known that water exists in ice form on Mars, but it’s never been confirmed if water can remain in a liquid state. The space agency is claiming that we now have that answer.

This isn’t the first study to suggest liquid water is present in some form on Mars. Scientists have theorized for years that Mars was once home to a large ocean more than 4 billion years ago. And recent findings from the Mars Curiosity rover suggest that liquid water exists just underneath the Martian surface. The discovery of water on Mars has almost become a joke among planetary scientists. Alfred McEwen, a planetary geologist at Planetary Image Research Laboratory who also worked on this research, wrote in Scientific American that the studies have become extremely commonplace: “Congratulations — you’ve discovered water on Mars for the 1,000th time!” he joked.

Today’s findings seem to offer more direct evidence of liquid water than most, though the study only confirms what NASA has long suspected — that flowing liquid water forms the strange, dark streaks that have been observed on Mars. These streaks — called recurring slope lineae — were first observed by the MRO spacecraft in 2010. The lines are blackish and narrow at less than 16 feet across. During the warmer seasons, the streaks grow thicker and longer; they then fade and shrink at times when Mars is colder. ” – (theverge.com)


Leaf Cannabis Growing System (uncrate.com)

“Social acceptance of pot is growing steadily, and it’s being legalized in more and more places. But while the stuff from the dispensary is typically really good, nothing compares to enjoying a crop you grew yourself. The Leaf Cannabis Growing System makes it easy to do just that. This self-contained unit keeps a pair of plants stored safely away, continuously monitoring a number of factors important to growth, and adjusting the environment and providing precise doses of nutrients as needed. The custom LED growlight ensures your plants get the right amount and the right kind of light, and a companion app lets you keep an eye on things, literally and figuratively — in addition to showing you up-to-the-minute data, it also connects to the built-in HD camera so you can view your progress without needing to open the door.” – (uncrate.com)


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