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  • The Scratch & Sniff Guide To Becoming A Whiskey Know-It-All

    Bought the book pre-ordered : to be released Oct 6th

  • Happy Tax Holiday PSA from Snoop Dogg 🙂

    Snoop actually did an announcement celebrating the Colorado tax free marijuana sales day (Sept 6th), telling everyone to be safe, and that MJ is for 21 and over. LOL surreal to watch.

  • Heavy snow on its way to the Alps

    The Austrian glacier resort of Pitztal opened some slopes at the weekend and the temperature is set to drop across the Alps with up to 50cm in the next 24-hours. UPDATED At the weekend skiing started in Pitztal. There is a reported depth of 50cm at the top of the resort with the Wildpsitzbahn lift in operation for skiers from 8.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. It gives access to 3 km of prepared pistes. It is just a thin strip, but it is snow and it’s a start. In the next few days the area is expected to turn white.

Ski News

  • Its September…Beware (snowbrains.com)

    “It’s September… It’s September and wether you know it or not, your mind has been seasonally shifted. September is the first of a series of months that end in “-ber” that lead to you saying “brrr.”

    The equinox is only 21 days from today. From then on, night is longer than day, cold stronger than warm, and storm will prevail over calm.

    Powder Magazine has already come out with their first issue of winter 2014/15 and their second issue will appear in days.

    Ski and snowboard movie trailers are dropping left and right and movie premiers loom closely behind them.

    September. It’s when it all begins. The frenzy won’t come to fruition just yet, but its rumblings are deeply felt across the Northern Hemisphere. The rolling frequency will soon reach resonance and cause hectic and bizarre thought processes in snow humans everywhere.

    An awakening is about to occur. An awakening of mind and body – of spirit and element. Tighted, sun-soaked skin will yearn for goosebumps and goggle tans. Barren, lonely mountainsides await profound layers of frozen dihydrogen monoxide and frantic homo sapiens.” – (snowbrains.com)


  • Fire destroys Peak Resorts ski lodge in Ohio (bizjournals.com)

    A fire destroyed the main lodge at Peak Resorts Inc.’s Mad River Resort in Zanesville, Ohio, on Wednesday evening, the Wildwood-based company said Thursday.

    Mad River, which is closest to Columbus and Dayton, is currently closed for the season, the company said, and there were no reports of injuries.

    “The loss of the main lodge at Mad River is a sad event for those who support this resort, which has been in operation for 54 years and an important part of the Peak Resorts family for 14 years,” Timothy Boyd, Peak Resorts’ president and chief executive, said in a statement Thursday. “But, we are very pleased to be able to report that preliminary information indicates that along with no injuries, the property damage will only affect our food and beverage services this winter, a situation we expect to be able to address with temporary facilities.”

    At the time of Peak Resorts’ initial public offering, in November 2014, Mad River accounted for about 7 percent of the company’s revenue. – (bizjournals.com)


  • Which Country Had the Most Skiers Last Year? (unofficialnetworks.com)

    “As ski season approaches, industry leader Domaines Skiables de France (DSF) is saying that France has just beat out the USA by a nose as the world’s top skiing destination this past year even though their numbers dropped 2.7% from the year before reports The Local.

    It’s the first time in four years that France has come out on top of the traditionally dominant United States. – (unofficialnetworks.com)


  • European Ski Resorts Caught Exaggerating Trail Lengths (unofficialnetworks.com)

    “Skeptical of the reporting from French “Industry Leaders” after ski resort management consultant Christoph Schrahe found out that a large number of European ski areas were exaggerating trail lengths European Ski Resorts Caught Exaggerating Trail Lengths After a survey was conducted by ski resort management consultant Christoph Schrahe, it appears that many European ski resorts are exaggerating the length of their runs. AND THEY’RE EXAGGERATING BY KILOMETERS NOT METERS, REPORTS THE TELEGRAPH. The drastic embellishment is drawing ire from people around the globe as some of the resorts have made outrageous claims in their marketing campaigns that are now debunked by Montenius Consult’s Mr. Schrahe’s findings.

    Biggest offenders:

      Resort measurement: 120km,
      Schrahe measurement: 40km,
      Exaggerated by: 200%
      Resort measurement: 400km,
      Schrahe measurement: 188km,
      Exaggerated by: 112%
      Resort measurement: 310km,
      Schrahe measurement: 146km,
      Exaggerated by: 112%
      Resort measurement: 110km,
      Schrahe measurement: 61km,
      Exaggerated by: 80%
      Resort measurement: 222km,
      Schrahe measurement: 135km,
      Exaggerated by: 64%
      Resort measurement: 250km,
      Schrahe measurement: 157km,
      Exaggerated by: 59%


  • Aleyska, AK Woke to 8” of Fresh Powder 9/19 (unofficialnetworks.com)

    “As of this morning there’s 8″ of fresh snow at the upper tram terminal, winter is on the way! Come take a tram ride and take in the beautiful fall colors and scenery. Tram tickets are buy one get one from now until Oct. 12 and season pass holders can ride the tram for FREE! Keep doing those snow dances”– Alyeska Resort


  • Sunday River First to Fire Snow Guns for 15/16 East Coast Season (vimeo.com)

    B-Roll, Snowmaking Test at Sunday River, September 22 from Sunday River Media Page on Vimeo.

    9/22 : Snow guns–the siren song of East Coast skiers every fall. Their compressed air and water are almost always what lets the first turns of the East Coast winter happen, and Sunday River traditionally tries to make it happen outrageously early; often before Halloween if temps allow.


  • We Ride In Iran: Salam Azizam teaser

    We Ride In Iran: Salam Azizam teaser from Cause on Vimeo.

    February 2015, a bunch of swiss riders from the project “We ride in Iran” are traveling to Iran to meet their friend Sina Shamyani. Sina is a ski instructor from Tehran living his passion: skiing. Salam Azizam follows Sina and his iranian friends during a road trip around Iran. The movie, that will be online in November 2015, brings you inside the ski freeride community in a country full of contrasts. Living for skiing is universal.


Main Topic – Turn Your IRA into a Ski Chalet: An Interview with Our Guest John*

Being able to afford your own ski share house may seem like a daunting goal. However, we have someone with a story that may just change the way you think. Ever think about investing in yourself? Ever think of investing your 401k in your own rental house? It’s been done.*

Self Directed Real Estate IRA

This is what you’ll need to get into in order to buy your house through. There are some rules, but here are some links to help get you up to speed*

*Please note, this is not actual financial advice. We are ski bums and really don’t know anything about money and investing. Consider yourself warned.

Around the Horn

  • For Sale: $1,200 ‘Artisanal Firewood’ (unofficialnetworks.com)

    This Is That’s “Maker Series: Artisanal Firewood” Perfectly Parodies The Artisanal Craft Craze Would you fork over a grand for a bundle of firewood? No? But what if it was the handcrafted, ~locally sourced~ firewood featured in This Is That’s new video, “Maker Series: Artisanal Firewood?” Still no? That’s probably for the best, considering it doesn’t actually exist.

    On the other hand, let’s face it: None of us would actually be surprised if artisanal firewood were a thing. Between Brooklyn’s handcrafted mayonnaise, Belfast’s luxury water, and D.C.’s artisanal ice cubes, it’s hard to tell the difference between reality and parody anymore. Hipster society is akin to living in an M. Night Shyamalan film — what’s real? What’s not? Is that lady a ghost, or is she just dressed like one out of an inexplicable urge to adopt the Victorian lifestyle? Has Bruce Willis been dead this whole time?

    But I digress. CBC’s This Is That captures the absurdity of the artisanal craft craze with a video profiling the (fake) Vancouver handcrafted firewood company, Smoke & Flame. Between the folksy Americana music, Ron Swanson-like business owner, and the variety of truly impressive beards on display, the parody is totally believable, and oddly soothing to boot. What can I say? There’s something about watching people chop wood that makes me want to take a nap while, like, communing with nature.- (unofficialnetworks.com)


  • Peanut Exec in Salmonella Case Gets 28 Years (usatoday.com)

    Former Peanut Corporation of America Owner Stewart Parnell (61) was sentenced to 28 years in prison in Albany, Georgia on Monday. A jury convicted him of knowingly shipping out salmonella-contaminated peanut butter and hiding the evidence. (Sept. 22) AP The outbreak sickened 714 people in 46 states and may have contributed to nine deaths, the CDC reported.

    “Uncovered emails and records showing food confirmed by lab tests to contain salmonella was shipped to customers.Other peanut batches were never tested, but nonetheless were shipped with fake lab records saying salmonella screenings were negative, prosecution evidence showed” – (usatoday.com)


  • Apple Targets Electric-Car Shipping Date for 2019 (wsj.com)

    Apple Inc. is accelerating efforts to build an electric car, designating it internally as a “committed project” and setting a target ship date for 2019, according to people familiar with the matter. The go-ahead came after the company spent more than a year investigating the feasibility of an Apple-branded car, including meetings with two groups of government officials in California. Leaders of the project, code-named Titan , have been given permission to triple the 600-person team, the people familiar with the matter said.

    Apple has hired experts in driverless cars, but the people familiar with Apple’s plans said the Cupertino, Calif., company doesn’t currently plan to make its first electric vehicle fully autonomous. That capability is part of the product’s long-term plans, the people familiar with the matter said. Apple’s commitment is a sign that the company sees an opportunity to become a player in the automotive industry by applying expertise that it has honed in developing iPhones—in areas such as batteries, sensors and hardware-software integration—to the next generation of cars. – (wsj.com)


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