Podcast #22 – Over the Hump!

The bums are back and we got so excited screening the first batch of this year’s ski movie trailers that we couldn’t help but share them with you guys! It may be a bit early, but what better way to celebrate the days getting shorter and rapidly approaching arrival of Our favorite season!

Weekly Flavor

Ski News

  • There’s a 90 Percent Chance We’re Getting a Strong El Niño (ski.curbed.com)

    “The weather experts have spoken: This winter is going to have a strong El Niño. In fact, according to the forecast released Thursday, there’s a 90 percent chance that El Niño will persist through the winter, even rivaling the strong events of 1972-73, 1982-83 and 1997-98. More to the point for skiers and riders is how snowfall fared during those strong El Niño winters. In his end of the season take after the 97-98 season, Tony Crocker, of Bestsnow.net, compared El Niño to flipping a biased coin: All the randomness of weather is still there, but the chances of certain events are increased. To gain insight into how this year’s El Niño might fare, Curbed Ski is taking a look back at what the 97-98 event meant for popular ski resorts.” (curbed.ski.com)


  • The Clean Power Plan: Preparing for Skiing’s Future (freeskier.com)

    “Climate change: a two-word phrase that causes the hair to stand up on the necks of most (read: all) passionate skiers throughout the world. The implications of the phrase could be devastating to the sport we cherish above all else. With notably subpar winters at Lake Tahoe resorts, as well as those up the road in the Pacific Northwest over the past few years—two regions historically known for massive annual snowfall totals—the climate change debate has been raging throughout the skiing world as hard as the wildfires currently ripping through California and Washington. And that’s just the tip of the proverbial, melting iceberg.” (freeskier.com)


  • South America Getting Pounded with Snow

    “Just under one month ago, the Central Andes ski resorts of Chile and Argentina received one of their biggest storms in a decade. Shortly after, Catedral outside of Bariloche, Argentina was hit with over 4 feet of snow in 24 hours.

    Now, an even larger storm is hammering our favorite ski destinations south of the border. This past week from Chillan to Portillo has seen quite a bit of snow. Here are some of our favorite pictures and we are sure to see more with 5-6 more feet expected before the storm tappers off on Tuesday around Valle Nevado, La Parva, El Colorado, Portillo, Arpa and Las Lenas.” (tetongravity.com)


  • Lake Louise Expansion Approved Amid Controversy (powder.com)

    “Located in Banff National Park, Lake Louise offers 4,200 skiable acres, making it one of North America’s largest ski resorts and the third largest in Canada. The last time it’s seen any kind of expansion was a new lift in 2003.

    Parks Canada approved controversial expansion plans Saturday that could nearly double the daily skier capacity at Lake Louise Ski Resort. It could allow Lake Louise to accommodate up to 11,500 visitors daily—up from 6,000—on every type of terrain, over the next decade.

    Conservationists, sent more 1,200 letters of concern asking the Environmental Minister to fight for the ecological integrity of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.” (powder.com)


  • Lindsey Vonn Breaks Ankle in New Zealand (zeenews.india.com)

    “Auckland: US ski star Lindsey Vonn broke an ankle while training Thursday in New Zealand, she said: “Unfortunately I crashed today and have a small fracture in my ankle. Headed home now but will keep u posted,” the 30-year-old American said on Twitter. She gave no other details.” (zeenews.india.com)

Around the Horn

  • This Man is Trying to Live Life as a Goat
  • Goatguy sleeping, or having just fall down
    Photo: Tim Bowditch

    “Thomas Thwaites is currently investigating what it might be like to live as a goat. He commissioned prosthetics for his arms and legs so that he could walk, as comfortably as possible, on all fours. He considered constructing an artificial rumen that would digest grass for him to consume, using actual gut bacteria found in goats. He consulted with a behavioural expert on goats, and even watched as a goat was dissected, to learn more about the animal he wanted to be.

    But the best part is that Thwaites also arranged to live as a goat for a few days on a goat farm in the Swiss Alps amongst actual grazing goats.” (motherboard.vice.com)


  • This New Student-Designed Super-Resilient Home Is The Beach House Of The Flooded Future

    “A 60-person team of Hoboken students is assembling an impressive new resilient house that’s designed to withstand the next Hurricane Sandy-like storm and even supply power to its neighbors in a disaster.
    Overall, the home is also designed to be extremely resilient in up to five feet of storm floods and 130 mph winds. Inspired by some elements of boat design, the resilience starts in the overall structures and is evident in many details.” (fastcoexist.com)


  • Double the Size of Your Burrito at Chipotle

    “A Chipotle customer (Dylan Grosz) found a surefire way to double the size of his burrito. First, ask your server for a burrito bowl and a side of two tortillas. That will increase the size of your portions by 15%, according to Grosz. Then, ask the server for half-and-half of everything…. ”


  • Tom Brady Courtroom Sketch Meme

    “While nothing was resolved in the case today, the proceedings did produce an awful courtroom sketch of Brady. The NFL world reacted swiftly, turning the Brady sketch into a meme.” (finance.yahoo.com)


  • Top 101 Food Trucks in the Country – Oink and Moo BBQ #6

    “Oink and Moo has operated in New Jersey since 2012, enjoying its status as a well-kept Garden State secret in towns like Hoboken and Asbury Park. However, shortly after the truck expanded to Philadelphia in 2014, they won a Vendy award for Rookie of the Year. We’re pretty happy the secret is out. The concept is simple: beef or pork barbecue done well (not well-done). They do have two brick-and-mortar locations, one in Florham Park, New Jersey, and the other in Philly, but where’s the fun in that? You want to enjoy pulled pork like this as soon as it’s off the heat. http://oinkandmoobbq.com” (thedailymeal.com)


  • Bill Gates – I Ddank Water Made from Human Feces

    “The Janicki Omni Processor (JOP) takes human waste and turns it into drinking water, electricity, and ash. It’s part of a pilot project that could ultimately save lives and reduce disease in poor countries.” (gatesnotes.com)


  • A Bolivian Subway in the Sky

    A partial view of the capital city of La Paz, taken from inside a cable car on October 10, 2014. Photo: Martin Mejia / AP
    Photo: Martin Mejia / AP

    “The city of La Paz, Bolivia, has long struggled with transportation issues. Steep terrain, high density, and narrow streets have resulted in years of traffic nightmares for fleets of minibuses and private taxis. In the past two years, the government has worked to alleviate this by building the largest urban cable-car system in the world. Currently La Paz has three urban ropeway lines in operation, stretching over 10 kilometers, with plans to triple the size of the network. The city recently announced six new lines, which will extend the aerial system to 30 kilometers and carry up to 27,000 passengers an hour.” (theatlantic.com)


  • Dear God! There is a NedFlanders themed metal bandcalled Okilly Dokilly

    There’s not much else you can say about

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