Podcast #77 Snowbodys Business

There’s a lot more people going out to the backcountry these days which leads to more backcountry casualities. The bums are here to help you get the gear and knowledge that you need to have a sweet and safe time in the backcountry.

Aprés Today

  • Mario : Basil Hayden, Bourbon Whiskey

    Spicy, peppery, honey, light-bodied, gentle bite

  • Brian : Breckenridge, Bourbon Whiskey

    Light body with warm texture and long sweet oak, vanilla finish with a touch of bitterness to balance. Reminiscent of a slice of toasted rye bread with honey drizzled on it.

Sierra Nevada is Recalling Defective Beer Bottles in 37 States

The voluntary recall announced by the company applies to select 12-ounce bottles that “may contain a small glass packaging flaw” after production at the brewery’s Mills River, NC location.

From The Ganjala – Frank's Bean of the Week


Earthy, Pungent, Sage flavors

Hardcore Indica strain

According to others great for Insomnia and Anxiety. Heavy head high, strange, can induce some paranoia

Julian’s POWtlook

Broad Look

Similar to last week there is some high pressure sitting over the most of the west so things should be relatively calm for the time being.

Low pressure system moving through the North East on Thursday which will pull through some moisture (and hopefully snow) with it.

Best Bests for the Coming Week

The snow for the east is likely to be most concentrated in Northern New York and Northern Vermont possibly making its way to the Southern part of Quebec. The snow could start as early as Thursday but the majority of it will fall between early Friday morning and Saturday morning. The resorts that are in the best location to receive this snow are between Sugarbush and Jay Peak.

The west will be relatively quiet for the next few days, after they have been spoiled these past few weeks.

Week in Review

Utah has been seeing some snow early this week. Powder Mountain got almost four feet in three days, Snowbasin and Brighton got almost 3 and a half in the same three days.

Over the past week, I have to say California takes the cake. Its position allowed three storms to move right over the parts of the state pretty much back-to- back-to- back. Bear Mountain got 120 inches (10 feet!) this week while Kirkwood and Mammoth both broke 100 inches.

Some of the East also got some snow these past few days, Whiteface getting 8 inches Tuesday.

Ski News

Main Topic : Snowbody's Business

  • NAC releases new video on ‘Avalanche Problems’

    Educational video on the use of Avalanche Problems as part of the daily avalanche advisory. Avalanche Problems are an extension of the danger scale and are defined using four elements: the kind of avalanche; where that avalanche exists in the terrain; how likely you are to trigger it; and, how big it will be.

  • How to think like an Avalanche Professional

    • Follow the Avalanche Story
    • Have an Opinion
    • Ski Appropriate Terrain
    • Understand How the Human Factor Affects You
    • Manage Your Exposure
    • Educate Yourself
  • Backcountry Ski Packing List

  • Backcountry Guides and Operators

    • TGR and Outdoor Research put together a list of top 5 guide companies as a start, while there are many qualified great guides out there.
    • SASS GLOBAL TRAVEL, Argentina, Japan, and Chile
    • BALDFACE LODGE, Nelson, BC
    • BLACK OPS VALDEZ, Valdez, AK
  • Utah forecast: Avalanche danger remains high with more snowstorms on way

    Avalanche danger remained high along the Wasatch Front on Tuesday, the day after dozens of mountain snowslides closed down canyon roads and slowed commuters elsewhere in the wake of a major winter storm.

    The Utah Avalanche Center put the mountains above Logan, Ogden, Salt Lake, Provo and Moab, as well as the Unitas under “red,” or at high risk on Tuesday. The Skyline and Abajo districts were “orange,” or at considerable danger for avalanches.

  • In Jackson, Avalanche danger hits ‘extreme’

    Many backcountry skiers made the safe call Wednesday. Others did not.

    Teton Pass Ambassador Jay Pistono estimated that there were “40 to 45” cars of skiers parked along Teton Pass throughout Wednesday, a day when the avalanche danger was higher than it’s been all season.

    Approximately a foot and a half of dense snow that fell Tuesday night into Wednesday morning made for “extreme” avalanche danger — the highest level on the scale — throughout the Teton, Snake, Wyoming and Salt River ranges Wednesday.

Under the Ropes

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