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Aprés Today

  • Mario: Civil Disobedience #16, Hill Farmstead, VT

    Type, ? %ABV. Keeping with the theme of dark beers landing on 4 in the series, this is a blend of five beers, aged between 8 and 30 months in oak barrels.

    Honorable mention this week, Sept 13th: Magnify Brewing Beer and Food Pairing at Tavern 5 in Peaquannok, NJ.

    Search Saison aged in Red Wind Barrels, 6.7%, Rustic Saison with notes of white wine

    Uncharted Territory, IPL 6.5%

    Low Visibility, Pale Ale 4.8%, New Zealand and American hops bring out notes of citrus and peach in this hop-forward crushable ale.

    Vine Shine, IPA 6.5%, Drawing its dank piney hop character from the West, and its smooth light bitterness, along with its dry “crushabilty” from the East, Vine Shine combines both styles to make a truly unique IPA.

    Black Wheat, 5%, urprisingly light bodied for such complex black beer. Specialty malts bring espresso, roast and malty notes, while while a few choice hops bring a nice herbal kick.



  • Brian: Heady Topper, Alchemist Brewery, VT

    American Double \ Imperial IPA, 8%ABV.

    Vermont Beer Week

    September 16 – 25, 2016
    2nd Annual Vermont Beer Week

Frank's Bean of the Week - Blue Dream

Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid originating in California, has achieved legendary status among West Coast strains. Crossing a Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze, Blue Dream balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. Novice and veteran consumers alike enjoy the level effects of Blue Dream, which ease you gently into a calm euphoria. Some Blue Dream phenotypes express a more indica-like look and feel, but the sativa-leaning variety remains most prevalent.

Frank Says : Blue Dream is a banger and is probably something Mario would enjoy a-lot. relaxing but not sleepy. Right up his alley.

Ski News

Main Topic - Das Boot! !

Ski boots are probably one of the most important pieces of equipment you will buy as a skier. You spend a lot of time in them and usually keep boots longer than any other piece of ski gear so getting the right boots and a great fit is important. The bums are here to help make sure you do it right.

Breakdown of a Boot

  • Canting

    Adjusting the lateral alignment of your boots, called canting, helps keep your skis flat on the ground when you're in a regular stance for balanced skiing.

  • Foreward Lean

    The forward angle of your boot's upper shell is its forward lean; it directly correlates to your preferred skiing stance. Aggressive more forward, relaxed more back. Type of skis and style of skking plays into this preference as well

  • Shell Types

    Two Piece caters to those with larger volume feet. Three Piece caters to those with low volume feet with the tongue on the instep which may be uncomfortable for those with larger feet. Eiter way this can be customized and a good bootfitter can help.

  • Hike and Walk Mode

    Hike mode mechanisms have almost become the standard in ski boots these days. The system releases the upper and lower cuff from one another, providing greater range of fore and aft motion.

  • Last or Forefoot Area

    The width of a boot's forefoot area is its last. Narrower falls 97 to 98 mm, while average is 11 to 101 mm, and large 102 and above. This is a guide for the width of the boot.

  • Shell Sizing

    This is where a good bootfitter comes in to help get you a custom fit. There are so many options for fit like comfort, performance, or race it becomes important. There are also options for heat molding and footbeds that are usually avaialble.

  • Flex Rating

    Usually each brand has their own rating, but this indicates the stiffness of the boot

  • Instep Height

    The instep is the bony area above and a bit in front of your arch and can cause a lot of discomfort if not fit correctly. Two piece shells are usually preferred for those with high instep height, while three piece shells are preferred for those with low instep.

  • Footbeds

    Support for your feet where all come with stock footbeds and custom footbeds can make a huge difference in comfort and fit.

  • Power Strap

    A power strap is the uppermost band that cinches the upper cuff closed to provide control in your skiing.

  • Boot Liner

    Liner of your boot, usually standard with boot, but if you want to improve your experience you may want to think of an upgraded liner.

    Intuiton Liners are a warmer liner but can run a hefty price comparatively.

    Heated liners - Hot Tronic or Thermic are popular. Hot Tronic heats an element that heats the bed and have bigger batteries, Thermic have models with a bigger element and smaller batteries, some which can even be used as boot dryers.

    Heated Boot Bags are selling very well right now, they heat everything in the bag with a car plug so your boots and anything in the bag is toasty when you arrive at the mountain.

Under the Ropes

  • Californian Inventor Spends Millions Creating One-Off Camper Van To Take His 4YO Daughter Around The World

    Bran Ferren developed the KiraVan as a mobile learning lab for his daughter Kira, but also with scientists and film crews in mind. It allows teams to trek out to remote locations but not forgo the comforts of working from a lab or an editing studio.

    The KiraVan is a modified Mercedes Benz Unimog truck chassis supportting a four-door cabin, putting 260-horsepower and 700lb-ft of torque to the ground through a six cylinder turbodiesel. Out back, the 52 foot trailer comprises sleeping compartments, a full kitchen, two computer workstations, a bathroom, a private area solely for Kira's use, and Ferren's turbodiesel KiraBike, located on a rear elevator. If the going gets too tough, power can be sent to the trailer's rear wheels offering 6×6 operation up to 25mph.


  • Apple EarPods are the most Apple product ever.

    AirPods are minimalism materialized: Each earbud is a glossy monolith. And they'll be able to fully control Siri, a step up from the Apple Watch, whose original purpose was to allow users to complete tasks without having to take out your phone.

    The AirPods will cost $159, expensive for an Apple earbud, but standard for the wireless earbud market.


  • After 'lewd acts,' NYC's free Internet kiosks disable Web browsing

    The operators of free Internet kiosks in New York City plan to disable Web browsing on publicly available tablets after reports of “lewd acts,” such as people watching porn and masturbating.

    LinkNYC kiosks have been replacing New York pay phones, offering free Wi-Fi access and a tablet that can be used by anyone who doesn’t have their own mobile device. But LinkNYC announced today that it “will be removing Web browsing on all Link tablets while we work with the City and community to explore potential solutions, like time limits.”


  • Apple iMessage to Feature Circle's Bitcoin Wallet in New Update

    Bitcoin supporters may be pleased to hear that Circle will soon be implemented in iMessage as part of iOS 10 release, set to launch this month alongside the iPhone 7.

    The iOS 10 update will contain a newly designed iMessage service that will enable developers to bring third-party applications to the platform. The beta version of the iMessage app shows a handful of apps added to the texting service, along with music and GIF sharing abilities. Third-party platforms to be added include Square Cash, Lyft and Circle Pay.


  • Ken Block unleashes his Focus RS in an industrial park for Gymkhana 9

    Ladies and gentlemen, stop what you’re doing because Gymkhana 9 is here. Ken Block is back with his 2016 Ford Focus RS RX, which is the same vehicle he currently races in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, to raise some hell around, and in, an abandoned industrial park in Buffalo, NY.


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