Podcast #56 – Cannabusiness Time!

The bums are back and they are fresh off a trip to the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo in New York City. They’ve got the inside scoop of the legal cannabis industry and they’re sharing with you. Oh boy!

Weekly Flavor

Ski News

  • 2015-16 Ski season best on record for Colorado

    Colorado Ski Country USA (CSCUSA) announced this week that skier visits at its 21 member resorts totaled 7.4 million in 2015-16, up by nearly five percent compared to last year's CSCUSA membership season total and a new record for visitation.

    Additionally, the 2015-16 season skier visit total for CSCUSA members bested the five-year average by more than 10 percent, making it the third consecutive year skier visits have outpaced the five-year average.

    CSCUSA resorts' 2015-16 skier visits outpaced the ski industry nationally, which saw gains in visitation by .05 percent despite weather challenges in the East and Midwest. CSCUSA resorts also supported strong percentage gains across the Rocky Mountain region, which enjoyed good snow conditions.


  • Do You Know Who Owns Your Favorite Ski Resort?

    Vail Resorts

    Towns or operates 11 ski areas in North America not including international holdings, mountain villages, other recreational properties or real estate.

    • Vail, Colorado
    • Beaver Creek, Colorado
    • Breckenridge, Colorado
    • Keystone, Colorado
    • Park City Mountain Resort, Utah

    Powdr Corp

    The company that tussled with Vail Resorts over which had the legal right to Park City Mountain Resort still likely sees itself as the most formidable rival to the Vail Empire. Powdr Corp's recent purchase of Eldora, which Vail reportedly was considering, is a testament to their ongoing competition.

    • Copper Mountain, Colorado
    • Eldora Mountain Resort, Colorado
    • Killington, Vermont
    • Pico, Vermont
    • Boreal Ski Area, California
    • Soda Springs Ski Area, California
    • Mount Bachelor, Oregon
    • Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort, Nevada

    Boyne Resorts

    Boyne Resorts owns four ski areas across North America and holds six operational leases from CNL Lifestyle Properties, a real estate trust that is currently trying to offload its ski areas, and those leases represent the best of the company's offerings.

    • Boyne Highlands Resort, Michigan
    • Boyne Mountain Resort, Michigan
    • Big Sky Resort, Montana
    • Crystal Mountain, Washington
    • Brighton, Utah
    • Summit-at-Snoqualmie Resort, Washington
    • Cypress Mountain, British Columbia
    • Loon Mountain, New Hampshire
    • Sunday River Resort, Maine
    • Sugarloaf, Maine


    Another publicly-traded ski resort operator, Intrawest doesn't really measure up to Vail Resorts in Wall Street's eyes, but it still has a solid stable of mountains.

    • Steamboat Springs, Colorado
    • Winter Park, Colorado (Operating lease)
    • Mont Tremblant, Québec
    • Stratton, Vermont
    • Snowshoe, West Virginia
    • Blue Mountain, Ontario

    Aspen Skiing Company

    Aspen Skiing Co. is a privately held company with four popular ski resorts in a tight geographic area. And even though it's been more than 20 years since the company has acquired a ski area, the company is open to expanding out of state.

    • Aspen Highlands, Colorado
    • Aspen Mountain, Colorado
    • Buttermilk, Colorado
    • Snowmass Ski Area, Colorado

    Peak Resorts

    Peak Resorts owns or operates 14 ski areas in North America, but all are relatively small operations in the Northeast or Midwest.

    • Hidden Valley, Missouri
    • Snow Creek Ski Area, Missouri
    • Paoli Peaks, Indiana
    • Mad River Mountain, Ohio (leased)
    • Boston Mills, Ohio
    • Brandywine, Ohio
    • Alpine Valley, Ohio
    • Crotched Mt. Ski Area, New Hampshire
    • Attitash, New Hampshire
    • Wildcat Mountain Ski Area, New Hampshire
    • Jack Frost Ski Area, Pennsylvania
    • Big Boulder, Pennsylvania
    • Mount Snow, Vermont
    • Hunter Mountain, New York

    CNL Lifestyle Properties

    CNL doesn't operate any of the ski resorts it owns (a number of them show up above under different companies), but it's nonetheless a major part of any conversation about ski area ownership in North America. It was setup as a real estate trust to hold the ski resorts, and as it's timeline winds down, it's now trying to find buyers for all the properties.

    • Brighton Ski Resort - Boyne Resorts
    • Crested Butte Mountain Resort - The Mueller family
    • Cypress Mountain West - Boyne Resorts
    • Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort - Brian Fairbank
    • Loon Mountain Resort - Boyne Resorts
    • Mount Sunapee Mountain Resort - The Mueller family
    • Mountain High Resort - Mountain High Resort (Karl Kapuscinski)
    • Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort - Vail Resorts
    • Okemo Mountain Resort - The Mueller family
    • Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort - Booth Creek
    • Stevens Pass - Stevens Pass Mountain Resort (Karl Kapuscinski)
    • Sugarloaf Mountain Resort - Boyne Resorts
    • Summit-at-Snoqualmie Resort - Boyne Resorts
    • Sunday River Resort - Boyne Resorts


  • End of an era: 10+ bangin' videos from the final West Coast Session

    One of skiing's most badass events, West Coast Session (WCS), said farewell to the ski community last month with its 10th and final offering at Mt. Hood, Oregon.

    While the anti-competition vibe is what WCS is all about, some friendly rivalry is still involved, as shown through the insane collection of videos gradually released over the past few weeks. The main source of these videos is the WCS10 Team Edit Contest, which put 11 teams head-to-head to see who could produce the best recap. A winner will be chosen via public online voting, which will start at an undisclosed date.

    Moreover, WCS put on a variety of smaller video comps for Best Grab, Best Grind, Best 180, Best Overall Instragram Post and MVP\Best Trick. Those videos were submitted via Instagram with their respective hashtags (#wcsgrab, #wcsgrind, etc.), and offer a rough, behind-the-scenes look at what these mad skiers were up to on that big ol' Oregonian glacier.

    All of the videos mentioned above can be found and watched below, but we know your time is precious, so here are our top three suggestions if you have to be picky:

    • Team U.S.A.D.A.
    • Team Stop, Guac & Roll
    • Team Breast Coast Session


  • Jackson Hole is the Most Economically Unequal City in America

    According to a recent data report done by Economic Policy Institute and released by Forbes Online, Jackson, Wyoming, is the most economically unequal city America. In both Teton Counties (Wyoming and Idaho), the top 1 percent of earners bagged 68.3 percent of the income, and the bottom 90 percent took home just 17.3 percent.

    So, basically, there are a few people who have all the money, and everyone else has not so much.

    These numbers put this ski town way ahead of the next most unequal city in America: the Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk area in Connecticut (honestly, never heard of it). Surprising news for a tiny city right? Is it really though?

    So, again, Forbes confirms: Really, really really, rich people live in Jackson Hole.


Main Topic - Cannabusiness Time!


Signed into Law: Ohio Legalizes Medical Marijuana, Sets Foundation to Nullify Federal Prohibition

On Wednesday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed a bill legalizing medical marijuana in the state. This takes a big step toward nullifying the unconstitutional federal prohibition on cannabis in practice.

Rep. Stephen Huffman (R) introduced House Bill 523 (HB523) on April 14. The legislation sets in motion the creation of a limited medical marijuana program in Ohio.

The House passed the bill by a 71-26 margin on May 10. The Senate approved the measure 18-15 on May 25th. The House concurred with Senate amendments 67-29. With Kasich's signature, the law will go into effect in 90 days.

Sen. Dave Burke (R-Marysville) carried HB523 in the Senate. He said growers could be cultivating marijuana within a year, with products on the shelves in 16 months. The law requires the program to be fully operational within two years.


Cannabis World Conference and Expo

Leonard Marshall

Gary Johnson

Keith Stroup, Keynote founder of NORML

Greenhouse seminar

Future tech in Cannabis, Jessica Billingsly, MJ Freeway

Seed to sale technoligy boom in industry. Data, efficiency, marketing, tracking, POS systems. Businesses should be prepared to spend 6%-9% of total revenue on new technology. Other issues involving complinance since it changes state to state and lately changing often.


  • Incredibles
  • Oaksterdam University - Oakland with sister university in Amsterdam
  • On site growing with special authorization. Full courses on horticulture, patient relations, politics, legal issues, economics, advocacy, etc.

    Tuition approx $1295, Semester $1595, 2 day seminars $545, 4 day seminars $845


Around The Horn

  • Roberta Mancino Documents Her Wingsuit Flight Over an Active Volcano Using GoPro Cameras

    World record holding skydiver Roberta Mancino recently documented her beautiful wingsuit flight over the active Villarrica valcano in Chile with mounted GoPro cameras.


  • Get swept up in hearse culture at HearseCon | Car Club USA

    Most don't look forward to a ride in a hearse, but at HearseCon in Denver, CO you'll find droves of enthusiasts who love to drive these vehicles everyday. Car Club USA heads to Denver, CO to find out how these loyal owners became swept up in hearse culture


  • The Director of Helvetica Is Making a Documentary On Dieter Rams

    Dieter Rams, the renowned German designer whose clean, functional aesthetic made Braun a household name in the 20th century, and paved the way for design-focused companies like Apple and Muji.

    Documentarian Gary Hustwit is just the person to make it. Remember Helvetica, the breakout indie success of 2007? Remember how great it was? That was Hustwit's doing. He followed it up with Objectified in 2009 and Urbanized in 2011-two equally beloved documentaries about urban design and the objects with which we surround ourselves.


  • Here’s why we didn’t see Jon Snow's direwolf, Ghost, during 'Battle of the Bastards'

    You'll be happy to know that Jon Snow's majestic direwolf is perfectly fine, but he could not attend the biggest battle in the show's history because of budget.

    Ghost is an incredibly time consuming and expensive character to bring to life, told Miguel Sapochnik, the episode’s director. They had to choose between Wun-Wun and the direwolf, so the dog bit the dust for now. Despite Ghost’s absence, he is safe and sound.


  • Buy this giant, flame-shooting scorpion truck from Burning Man

    Built on a 1991, 28-foot-long International boom truck, the Scorpion is a 55 feet long, 22-45 feet wide, 39-45 feet tall exact replica of a female emperor scorpion named Fluffy. The Scorpion boasts a computer controlled 7 gun flame thrower off the tail, 21 hydraulic points which make the arms, legs, and claws all move in a sinister spider manner including hydraulics which make the entire truck lift off the ground to produce the most eerie of effects. The project is 'skinned' to look like an exact replica of a female emperor Scorpion with artistically placed and sculpted metal sheathing. The final touches are a steam punk look with rivets, textured fabrics and a patterned, oozy and highly mesmerizing multi-color light show.

    This ridiculous machine has done duty at Burning Man for the past five years, but apparently, it's time for the current owners to move on. Please note that the scorpion truck is not street-legal, so you’ll have to find some other way to get it to and from the Playa.

    See video online and bidding is currently at $50,000. Good luck.


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