Podcast #34 – We Chased Shadows!

Last week, the bums got to go to their first Warren Miller movie premier in Morristown, NJ. If you’ve never been to a ski movie premier it’s filled with excitement, chaos, giveaways and beards. In this episode we discuss all these things and more.

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  • Snow Everywhere (except the Northeast)

  • “We Don’t Want to be Vail”: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Looks to Its 50th Ski Season

    This winter, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. And while things look mighty different than when the mountain first opened in 1965, Resort President Jerry Blann and Chief Marketing Officer Adam Sutner told the Jackson Hole News & Guide that the spirit and excitement that founded the resort is just as strong today as it was years ago. In fact, the resort is pulling out all the stops this winter, with new lifts, new terrain, and new restaurants on tap. Jackson Hole is officially in “a renaissance period.” Curbed Ski breaks down all the juicy details from the interview, why exactly Jackson Hole doesn’t “want to be
    Vail,” and when exactly the new Teton Lift will open up this winter.

    So what big improvements are slated to open this winter? The new Teton Lift will launch on December 19, the exact day when the lifts opened 50 years ago. Along with the new lift, JHMR will also open 200 new acres of intermediate and advanced terrain that was formerly hike to only. Construction is also underway at the Rendezvous Lodge where a renovated deli will be transformed into a new 120-seat bistro style restaurant, called Piste.


  • The Face of America’s Oldest Ski Shop

    From its oiled wood floors, to its woolens and dry goods, not much has changed at Lahout’s Country Clothing and Ski Shop, America’s oldest ski outfitter, in Littleton, New Hampshire. Since 1920, four generations of Lahouts have run the iconic store, but it was 93-year-old local legend Joe Lahout—he stopped skiing at 90—who tossed in some modest snowsports equipment in the 1940’s and gave life to the burgeoning ski community. The unblemished, country-store charm has united decades of Interstate 93 skiers ever since.

    Over the last year, Lahout’s grandson Anthony teamed up with Teton Gravity Research to produce a short film about Joe “A lot of people’s parents would remember seeing my grandfather Joe when they were little kids,” says Anthony, who spent a winter living in his car and skiing throughout the West, where he met a lot of people who had connections to Lahout’s. “It was his life and the memorable interaction they had with him that made that ski shop stand out.”


  • TriviaLift – Coming Soon to Kickstarter

    Trivia Lift is currently seeking funds to shoot and produce a pilot episode with the hopes of being picked up for its first season. The ultimate goal is to become the next quality game show American households value and enjoy. Trivia Lift will provide the viewers a well crafted, fun, and structured quiz game in some of the most picturesque mountain environments on planet earth. Trivia Lift is a reality: We have two crew members from the Canadian Cash Cab show editing and mixing sound, dates are set for shooting at resorts, and plans are in place for on-mountain filming. If you want more details- you’re in luck.

    How Does Trivia Lift Work? Skiers and Snowboarders ride the chairlift up with the host: Sir Robinson. The contestants on the chair work together as a group answering questions on the way up. Three wrong answers and the contestants ride the chairlift of shame back down the mountain. Make it to the top with two or less strikes and glorious CASH awaits the Trivia Lift victors!


  • Ski Vermont Presents: The Drunk History of Skiing in Vermont

    Skiing history buffs credit Sun Valley with installing the first chairlift in the United States, but did you know that lift-served skiing got its true start in Vermont? The first ski lift in the US was a rope tow built by Wallace “Bunny” Bertram, and it changed Vermont skiing forever. Inspired by www.youtube.com/user/DrunkHistory, we poured ourselves some some stiff drinks and toasted early skiing in Vermont. | www.skivermont.com


Topic: We Chased Shadows

SPOILER ALERT: Skiing is awesome and Warren Miller movies are dope!

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Here’s the schedule. Don’t miss out! It’s an awesome way to hang with fellow ski-enthusiasts off the mountain and get fired up for the upcoming season.

Around the Horn

  • Bernie Sanders introduces bill to end federal ban on pot

    Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced legislation this week to end the federal prohibition on marijuana, going far beyond Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in his acceptance of the drug. The bill – called the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act – would remove marijuana from the federal list of Schedule I drugs, defined by the Drug Enforcement Agency as the “most dangerous” substances that have no accepted medical use and a hig`h potential for abuse. Although states would still be allowed to ban the drug, other states that have legalized it would face no barriers from the federal government.

    Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. have all made the drug legal for recreational use. The Vermont senator has tied the issue of marijuana legalization to criminal justice reform. Study: U.S. pot use doubled in the last decade.

    “I am seeing in this country too many lives being destroyed for non-violent offenses. We have a criminal justice system that lets CEOs on Wall Street walk away, and yet we are imprisoning or giving jail sentences to young people who are smoking marijuana,” Sanders said during the first Democratic debate in Las Vegas last month. “We need to rethink our criminal justice system, we we’ve got a lot of work to do in that area.”


  • The Top 5 Airlines for Booze, Ranked

    1. Virgin America

      Based in California, Virgin stocks tasty Golden State faves like One Hope Wines and Anchor Steam Brewery. As for spirits, they offer solid choices in Glenfiddich, Tito’s and Bombay Sapphire.


    3. Alaska Airlines

      Alaska Air is actually based in Seattle, which you’ll notice as you’re downing handcrafted spirits from Jet City’s own award-winning Sun Liquor Distillery. They do carry beers from Alaska as well (cheers to Alaskan Amber and Alaskan Freeride Pale Ale), and on trips to Hawaii they’ll have the hard-to-find Kona Longboard Island Lager from Kailua-Kona.


    4. Emirates

      Winner of various culinary awards, Emirates also has a great lineup of drink options — all free, even in Economy. While they do offer Vin de Pays d’Oc French wines and two exclusive Dom Perignons, where they really excel is in the cocktail mixers. According to AirReview, passengers get two choices of vermouth, a good selection of sours, and if they order a Bloody Mary, the staff will lay out the vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco sauce and even salt and pepper so you can mix it how you like.


    5. Delta Air Lines

      While the drinks aren’t free in economy, you can expect an amazing craft beer selection on U.S. flights, including Brooklyn Brewery and Sweetwater Brewery (from the airline’s home state of Georgia). A very respectable spirits selection includes Avión tequila and Woodford Reserve Small Batch Bourbon. Their wine pairings with food are especially elevated (pun intended), as curated by master sommelier Andrea Robinson, a three-time James Beard Award winner and one of only 21 female master somms in the world.


    6. British Airways

      You’ll find a global, completely complimentary selection here: wines from New Zealand, Spain, France and England. Top-flight beer (Guinness, Grolsch, Stella Artois, Pilsner Urquell). And their “house whiskey” is Johnnie Walker Black. We’ve even seen a Glenlivet 15 before.



  • Pentagon personnel on site to investigate loose blimp

    The blimp landed Wednesday afternoon in northeast Pennsylvania, according to NORAD, which described the landing site as “in a rugged, wooded area.” The military took no kinetic action to bring it to the ground, according to the Pentagon.

    The loose JLENS blimp had been in the air over Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, and caused power outages before it came down, Columbia County Department of Public Safety Director Fred Hunsinger said.

    Hunsinger said that there were no reports of injuries or deaths, but the dragging of the blimp’s cable had school leaders taking precautions to protect children as classes began to let out for the day.

    The dragging cord also caused power outages, with 30,000 people in the Bloomsburg area losing power at one point, according to Joe Nixon with PPL Electric.

    ….there was still helium in the nose on Thursday morning, so they decided to shoot it with a shot gun, which Pennsylvania State Police did. It was shot after it crash-landed in order to deflate it.

    The best blimp memes

    Bye Felicia


  • Dead Snake within Dead Snake – WTF Austrailia?

    Welcome to your worst nightmare with snake-eating snakes.

    No one can be certain how two dead snakes became embedded together. One thing we can be certain about is that this is Australia and anything is possible.

    Farm manager Geoff Mitchell from Griffith snapped this horrendous photo of two snakes either in the throes of passion or eating each other alive. The two snakes appear to have been run over by a vehicle, rendering them both deceased, before the photo was snapped.

    This meant that there were more questions than answers, with the main ones being: Is the black snake eating its way out of the brown snake? And, what does that mean for life in general? Mitchell said he was shocked at the terrifying sight. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! It was incredible!” he told Mashable Australia via Facebook.

    “I was driving along a dirt road next to a canal and saw a tangle of snake in the road. I stopped to have a look, grabbed my camera and took the photos,” he said. “Both snakes were dead. It looks like the brown snake was eating the black snake. And somehow the black snake had ‘punched’ it’s way out of the black snake.”

    original picture from Mashable


  • Only in Russia, let’s keep digging a hole to the core of the earth

    Soviet scientists in the 1970s decided to probe deeper than humanity has ever done before. For the next 24 years, they drilled on and off into the Earth’s crust.

    The result was the Kola Superdeep Borehole and a drill-depth of more than 7.5 miles (12 kilometers). To put that in perspective, Kola descends further than the deepest point of the ocean, which lies at nearly 6.8 miles (11 kilometers). The borehole is located on the Kola Peninsula of Russia.


  • Vice: We’re Launching a TV Channel

    Dear VICE fans,

    Over the past several years we’ve been making tons (thousands) of videos and documentaries for you, devoted to the topics and the subjects that you find most important, weird, or just plain funny.

    Today we are thrilled to announce our latest venture – VICELAND – a 24-hour cable channel featuring hundreds of hours of new programming. We’ve been shooting and cutting for months, and we can’t wait to share with you our vision of what television should look like. The new shows are awesome. When we started making them, collaborating with our friends in the extended VICE family, we really didn’t know how they would come together to create a TV channel. But when we saw what we had, we knew we were on to something really special.

    Spike Jonze has been working with us on the new channel and he said it best: “It feels like most channels are just a collection of shows. We wanted VICELAND to be different, to feel like everything on there has a reason to exist and a strong point of view. Our mission with the channel is not that different from what our mission is as a company: It’s us trying to understand the world we live in by producing pieces about things we’re curious about, or confused about, or that we think are funny.”


  • You Can Sell Your Poop For $13k Per Year And Help Science

    Fecal Matters!

    In the spirit of one man’s trash being another man’s treasure, the non-profit company OpenBiome is actually paying for stool samples in order to create lifesaving fecal transplant treatments for those infected with Clostridium difficile, a bacteria which is highly resistant to antibiotics.

    Infections of C. difficile result in severe diarrhea, hospitalizing 250,000 Americans each year and causing about 14,000 deaths. It can actually come about after using antibiotics for too long, which ties into what makes it exceptionally difficult to treat. The patient’s gut microbiota is nearly wiped out, and conventional probiotics are not sufficient to replace them.

    The best treatment for C. difficile infections is a fecal transplant, and yes, it has traditionally been as horrible as it sounds. Doctors have relied on highly invasive nasogastric tubes (NG tubes) or colonoscopies to put donor fecal matter into the gut of their infected patients. As difficult as the process may be, it is highly successful.

    A new method uses capsules of frozen fecal matter, which thaw out in the body and release the contents in the small intestines. The success rates of the capsules is comparable to traditional treatments, around 90 percent.

    The going rate is $40 per donation, with a $50 kicker for those who come five days a week. This translates into $250 per week, or $13,000 per year.

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