goodbye powder

Podcast #223Goodbye Powder

As if 2020 hasn’t had a large enough swath of destruction. Last week it was announced that our beloved Powder Magazine is going to be shuttering in November. Why did this happen and how are we responsible?

We’re drinking in the gonjola today

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Aprés Today


  • NJ has Marijuana Legalization on the Ballot for November.

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Goodbye Powder

There are some days I just wish I could be a “Fast & the Furious” superfan and know that I’ll forever have movies, spin-offs and god knows what the hell else is next, to entertain me for the rest of my days. But no, I’m one of those people who likes things that are a bit off-the-beaten-path.

My entire adult life, whether it’s been radio shows (early Opie & Anthony), radio stations (woxy), websites (,, brands, sports, etc., I’ve always been fascinated by and tried to support the underdog. Mainly because I’ve found them to be more organic, passionate and interesting then the typical mainstream methods most folks settle on for entertainment.

The end of Powder Magazine is just another example of this. It was unfortunate to hear, but it’s 2020 and nothing is safe. We chat about what happened, why it happened and if there’s anything that can be done to resurrect our favorite skiing magazine.

The Future of POWDER Magazine

Under the Ropes


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