Podcast #13 – Extreme!

With all of the extreme ski and non-ski activities, the ski bums talk about some of the most interesting extreme activities out there. Whether you are an adventure seeker or just a fan of all things extreme tune in to hear the rundown. Hey, ever think about a seeing a multiple person MMA fight?

Hosts: Brian and Mario

  • Brian: Whistle Pig Rye Whiskey
  • Mario: Founders – Centennial IPA

Top Heli-Skiing Destinations

The World’s Top 5 Heli-Ski Destinations – Forbes Magazine

Top Cat-Skiing Destinations

  • Powder Mountain, Utah
  • Nelson, British Columbia
  • Ajax Mountain, Colorado
  • Fernie, British Columbia

The 4 Best Cat Skiing Destinations in North America – Outside Magazine

Parachute Skiing

Matthias “Super Frenchie” Giraud Avalanche Parachute Jump

Other Extreme Activities

Around the Horn

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