Podcast #60 – Lets Start the Kick Off!

The bums are back and they’ve found some cool new projects on crowd funding sites Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Don’t know what crowd funding is all about, well strap in and check out the podcast to find out.

Weekly Flavor

  • Mario: Whistle Pig 10yr old-Straight Rye Whiskey, 51% ABV

  • Brian: Don Julio 1942 Tequilla, 40% ABV

Ski News

  • Vail Buys Whistler

    Monday morning dawned with big news for both the ski world and the stock exchange: Vail Resorts, a publicly traded company, announced plans to buy Whistler Blackcomb for $1.06 billion.

    The move is a sign of the times for ski resorts facing pressure to diversify in the face of climate change.

    Adding another $36 per share to Vail shareholders on Wall Street

    adds the largest ski area in North America to Epic Pass (Will stay on Mountain Collective Pass for 2016-2017 season).

    signals change for the future at Whistler


  • 27-Year-Old Dude To Buy Colorado Ski Resort Out of Bankruptcy for $3.8 Million

    Echo Mountain ski area filed for bankruptcy in February 2016.

    Echo Mountain is the closet ski area to the Denver Metro area - you can actually see Denver from the hill. It's only 40 minutes west of Denver, CO.

    A 27-year-old University of Denver alumni, Peter Burwell, is currently under contract to buy the struggling ski area for $3.8 million.

    The sale will include all 226 acres of the ski area as well as all the facility's equipment such as snow cats, snowmaking equipment, and the chairlifts.


  • Angel Collinson shares lessons learned during ACL recovery

    Angel Collinson was on her annual trip to Alaska in April, filming with Teton Gravity Research, when she took a fall that resulted in a torn ACL, finding herself on the couch with her leg raised under a bag of ice instead of hopping out of helicopters on massive Alaskan peaks.

    "I've experienced the whirlwind of emotions that come with a big injury-the identity crisis, finding other ways to spend time besides being in the mountains, and practicing self-love, regardless of blown knees."

    What is the biggest lesson that you think you've learned from being injured?

    "I would say that it's really important to accept yourself for where you're at, and it's important to work hard and have discipline and goals. But really the most healing thing is a good attitude and self-love."


Main Topic - Kick Start it Off !

  • World’s First $60 Magnetic Snow Goggle

    Interchangeable magnetic lenses, interchangeable components, targeting $60 for goggles.

    $4,075 pledged of $500 goal with 9 days left.


  • Carbon A-Sender by KF Skis

    The Carbon A-Sender is a no-compromise tool for hard charging backcountry skiers. It is handmade in Salt Lake City.

    This product is designed for the backcountry skier who desires the confidence and reliability of Rossignol FKS/Look Pivot alpine bindings on the descent. For the uphill, the user simply inserts the adapter into their alpine binding, steps into the toe pins, and closes the quick release cam lever. The adapters engage the brakes, lifting them off the snow. The pin-tech toe pivot maximizes climbing efficiency, side hill rigidity, and glide. Additionally, this design eliminates the extra weight being lifted with each step that is common to frame bindings. The heel risers offer three height settings including approach mode, medium, and high. These risers can be easily articulated with a pole handle while remaining in a standing position.

    At the top of the line, the adapters are nested and compactly stowed in a backpack. Take multiple laps in the backcountry on a trustworthy setup with minimal change over down-time and without unnecessary fatigue. Quick, easy. No frozen parts, no frozen hands.

    $8,448 pledged of $20,000 goal with 3 days left.


  • Racysuits | Bringing back Grandpa’s ski suits from the ’80s.

    There’s a special story behind these suits! It all started with a truly adventurous friendship between my grandfather, Robert ‘Bob’ Bernard and ski racing buddies Norma & Joe Lausmann. Norma began designing and hand sewing neon ski racing suits in the early 80s. She hand picked psychedelic prints and created a style never before seen on the mountain. The trio raced into their 80s around the world, competing in Downhill and Slalom Masters Ski Races – often winning Gold, Silver and Bronze in their age class.

    The ski suits took on a new life when I (grand-daughter to Bob Bernard) got my hands on the them. I found that they were as big a hit off the ski slopes as they were on, at events like Coachella, Burning Man and Daybreaker!! The quality of Norma’s suits is better than any unitard I have ever worn. They’ve lasted generations and proved to be both functional and fabulous.


  • CARV: The world’s smartest ski wearable

    Carv is the first wearable technology dedicated to skiing that speaks to you as you ski – it’s your digital ski coach.

    Inspired by Olympic technology, Carv gives you access to the feedback and knowledge that only elite skiers have had access to so far. With an extremely thin smart insert, Carv measures your motion and pressure distribution and relays feedback through your earphones in real-time.


  • Axis Freestyle: Indoor Dryslope Ski & Snowboard

    Axis Freestyle Academy (AFA) is Canada’s first all-in-one, year-round Dryslope Freestyle Training Facility dedicated to the progression of Ski and Snowboarding.

    Our 20,000 sq.ft facility includes a Dryslope equipped with a variety of interchangeable jumps and rails, trampolines, foam pits and multi-purpose/yoga studio catered to athletes and enthusiasts no matter what your skill level.


Around The Horn

  • Grobo : the Future of Home Gardening.

    an easy-to-use home growing system that takes the guesswork out of successfully growing small crops of high quality food and medicine, and puts users in charge of what they consume.

    All you have to do is plant your seeds in the organic growing medium and insert the included nutrient capsules. Grobo's tech then monitors and adjusts your plant's environment to ensure it has the perfect amount of light, water and nutrients. You can also monitor and adjust all of this yourself with the app.

    Pre-orders can be made on the Grobo website for $899 and delivery is expected in April 2017.


  • The fake chalets of Switzerland

    If you take a walk in the Swiss Alpes, you’ll get the chance to see stunning landscapes, some animals, and traditionnal chalets. However, not all chalets were made equal. Some of these mountain houses are actually not what they seem. With their fake front walls and roofs, some chalets were just made to hide some bunkers.

    Designed to deceive the human eye from a minimum of 20 meters away, these chalets (and other houses) were built by the Swiss Army, and equipped with spaces to launch hand grenades, shoot, and all the things that are useful during war time.


  • Lindsey Vonn in Summer Olympics Commercial


  • Not Aliens, But "Megastructure Star" Keeps Getting Stranger

    Last year, astronomers noticed something very odd about a star called KIC 8462852 – it was experiencing huge, unexplainable dips in brightness.

    The theory that caught the public imagination, that aliens were building a giant "megastructure" around it, is almost certainly wrong, but the mystery continues to deepen. The latest development is that the overall brightness of the star has been steadily decreasing over the last few years, alongside these much larger dips in brightness. And none of the proposed theories can seemingly explain it.


  • Driver reverses Mercedes over rare $300,000 Ferrari 458 Speciale at Virginia car show

    Car enthusiasts at a collectors' show watched in horror as the driver of a Mercedes 380 SL reversed over a $300,000 Ferrari 458 Speciale.

    Surrounded by stunned onlookers, the driver revved the engine in a desperate attempt to free her classic car, but only succeeded in scratching the Ferrari. Footage shared on Instagram over the weekend showed the horrified Ferrari owner standing open-mouthed as the driver struggled to dislodge the car.

    "Are you f*****g serious?!" he asked the driver, as spectators filmed the cringeworthy crash. "That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen."


  • Pollution turned this Mexican river into a toxic hell

    El Salto de Juanacatlán was once a majestic waterfall where locals would fish, bathe, and play. Today the air stinks of sulphur, yellow-tinged water cascades over the rocks, and clouds of bright white foam collect at the foot of the falls before drifting downstream.

    After years of watching the authorities fail to acknowledge the seriousness of the problem, desperate locals are now intensifying their calls for action. They claim it is already too late for 628 locals who they say the pollution has killed in the last eight years. That includes 72 deaths in 2015, the worst year to date.

    "It's an image out of science fiction," said director Eugenio Polgovsky. "The toxic white foam slowly advancing for miles, and the clouds that land on people's rooftops, converting into particles that everyone breathes in."


  • The DEA will still treat weed the same as heroin

    Marijuana will remain illegal for any purpose under federal law in the United States, even though it’s legal for medical and recreational use in several states with more potentially on the way.

    The Drug Enforcement Agency announced on Thursday that weed will continue to be classified as Schedule 1 under the Controlled Substances Act, alongside substances including heroin and GHB.


  • A Never Before-Ridden Lotus Motorcycle for Sale at Monterey Car Week

    Certainly one of the most extreme modern motorcycles on the planet, a rare example of the otherworldly Lotus C-01 from 2014 will cross the block at Mecum Auctions' Monterey sale taking place August 18 through 20 in Monterey, Calif. With a look conceived by Daniel Simon, creator of the light cycles in the film Tron: Legacy, the bike unmistakably shares the same design DNA of its cinematic counterpart.

    Comprising a chromoly trellis tube frame covered with a 12-piece carbon-fiber shell, the bike is given its brawn by a 175 hp, 1,195 cc KTM V-twin engine mated with a 6-speed transmission. And the super cycle surges forward on carbon-fiber wheels (19-inch in front, 17-inch at the back) manufactured exclusively for the model. Other cutting-edge componentry includes a cast-aluminum swing arm, an upside down Sachs fork, Öhlins rear suspension, and Brembo racing brakes.

    The example at auction is from the first year of production and one of only 100 made in total. Never ridden, the bike is expected to fetch up to $450,000.


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