Latest Episode

Podcast #108 Olympic Time!

The Bums are back and while we aren’t competing in the olympics, we’re still excited and have some information to get you excited, too!

Dec 2 2017

Podcast #105 Line of Descent!

Warren Miller has done it again this year with possibly the most exciting ski film yet. Luckily our resident bum, Brian, was able to attend with the help of the team at Warren Miller Entertainment.

Nov 22 2017

Podcast #104 Ski Utah!

The ski season is underway! One of our favorite places last season was Snowbird, in beautiful Utah. I was lucky enough to go to the Ski Utah event in NYC a few weeks back where I met Paul Marshall, Director of Communications at Ski Utah. After that, we set up an interview with him and was able to get some more information about what Ski Utah does and what they have going on for the upcoming season. Hope you enjoy it!

Oct 27 2017

Podcast #102 Ski Reviews!

The bums are back and as the mercury drops, a bums’ heart turns to thoughts of pow. How else would one navigate that sweet, sweet pow than with a new pair of skis. We put together a collection of reviews to get you what you need.

Oct 13 2017

Podcast #101 Preppin!

In light of the tragedy in Las Vegas and Orlando and Sandy Hook and San Bernadino we want to take a moment to remember those who were lost and lost loved ones in these senseless tragedies. We’ve decided to embrace full paranoia and come up with a game plan to prepare to get out of dodge, but we’re doing w/ a ski bum twist.

Oct 1 2017

Podcast #100 100!

Defying all odds, the bums are back with episode number 100. We look back and reflect on both past and the future of our dope little podcast.

Sep 25 2017

Podcast #99 Relief!

Several places in the world have been ravaged by recent natural disasters and the bums are trying to their part to help.