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Podcast #133 throws a party

The bums are back and we made it through Labor Day and now the fun begins. Brian went to the kickoff the season event in NYC and wants to talk about it.

Sep 1 2018

Podcast #132 All About Apres Summer

The bums are back and they’re trying to contain their giddyness that summer is coming to an end. They’ve got their pal Rich from All About Apres to join them to reflect on the summer that was.

Aug 19 2018

Podcast #131 The Final Meltdown

The bums are back and we’re sick of summer. Luckily, we’re nearing the end and we have some tips and ideas to help get you through it.

Aug 6 2018

Podcast #130 One Wheel Steve

The bums are back and they’re chatting with their old pal Steve who’s talking about his new favorite toy, the One Wheel.

Jul 29 2018

Podcast #129 Chat with Matt

The bums are back and they’re chatting with their friend Matt Pepin who’s the Sports Editor at the Boston Globe. Matt also has a skiing newsletter called “It’s All Downhill” that you should subscribe to.

Jul 23 2018

Podcast #128 Safe and Sound

With products like the Ring and Nest and Alexa starting to dominate the market, planning security, surveillance, and efficiency or running your main house, beach house, or ski house has become increasingly easy to maintain while being more complicated on the initial setup.

Jul 15 2018

Podcast #127 Check Your Health

It’s halfway through July and we’re all sweating and complaining about the heat. Fear not friends, winter is right around the corner and the bums are back to help drop some health knowledge on you, so you can get ready for ski season NOW!

Jun 21 2018

Podcast #125 2 Bums, 1 World Cup

The bums are back and we’re talking the other World Cup. You know the one that happens only every 4 years and has people falling down on purpose.

Jun 9 2018

Podcast #124 RIP Tony

The bums are back and we are remembering the great Anthony Bourdain, someone who’s inspired us to this podcast – taking what you love and sharing it with others. For us, that’s skiing, food and booze.