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Podcast #127 Check Your Health

It’s halfway through July and we’re all sweating and complaining about the heat. Fear not friends, winter is right around the corner and the bums are back to help drop some health knowledge on you, so you can get ready for ski season NOW!

Jun 21 2018

Podcast #125 2 Bums, 1 World Cup

The bums are back and we’re talking the other World Cup. You know the one that happens only every 4 years and has people falling down on purpose.

Jun 9 2018

Podcast #124 RIP Tony

The bums are back and we are remembering the great Anthony Bourdain, someone who’s inspired us to this podcast – taking what you love and sharing it with others. For us, that’s skiing, food and booze.

Jun 1 2018

Podcast #123 Frank Visits Tuckermans

The bums are back and this week, they’re chatting with their pal Frank about his trip to Tuckerman’s. Wait, you mean Frank as in “Frank’s Bean of the Week”? Yes, that Frank.

May 21 2018

Podcast #121 Skiing Never Stops

The bums are back and we kinda screwed up. Instead of having an interview, life made us “yard sale” so we’re talking about what’s going on and what we have planned over the next few weeks.

May 11 2018

Podcast #120 Time to Train

The bums are back and after declairing it “Almost Ski Season” we need to figure out a new plan. Ski season creeps up pretty quick (especially when lottery tickets and South America are always possible), so why no get yourself in the best shape possible as soon as possible. The bums are doing their best and we’re sharing what we’re doing with you.