Latest Episode

Podcast #101 Preppin!

In light of the tragedy in Las Vegas and Orlando and Sandy Hook and San Bernadino we want to take a moment to remember those who were lost and lost loved ones in these senseless tragedies. We’ve decided to embrace full paranoia and come up with a game plan to prepare to get out of dodge, but we’re doing w/ a ski bum twist.

Oct 1 2017

Podcast #100 100!

Defying all odds, the bums are back with episode number 100. We look back and reflect on both past and the future of our dope little podcast.

Sep 25 2017

Podcast #99 Relief!

Several places in the world have been ravaged by recent natural disasters and the bums are trying to their part to help.

Sep 18 2017

Podcast #98 Hitch Up the Trailers!

You know it’s getting close to ski season when all the ski movie trailers start dropping. The bums have gone through a bunch of them and want to share them with you.

Sep 6 2017

Podcast #97 SkiGistics!

So while summer winds down and the temperature begins to change, the focus is or will be tuning by next week about where is everyone going to ski or board this year?

Aug 14 2017

Podcast #96 Summer Slammed!

It’s the middle of August and the bums are doing their best to get through this summer. We have both been slammed with real life lately, so we’re doing our best and start getting geared up for ski season.

Aug 7 2017

Podcast #95 Big (Dumps) in Japan!

The bums are back and they have a special guest who went on a epic ski trip to Japan earlier this year. We get the scoop and have plenty of information to help you if you’re thinking about your own trip.

Jul 31 2017

Podcast #94 Summer Update!

The bums are back and we’re plowing through the summer. Here’s what we’ve been up to and what we have going on over the next few weeks.

Jul 17 2017

Podcast #93 Goin’ South!

All the way to South America, that is. The Bums have yet to take their show in the road to the Way, Way South, but every year we make plans, just in case the tides turn in our favor to make it happen. We’ve got some info to help you make it happen.

Jun 30 2017

Podcast #92 Independence!

The bums are they’re talking 4th of July! That’s right Independence Day to us Americans – why it matters and to reflect on how lucky we are.